Sg2 Intelligence

Whether you’re looking to manage margins, build your care continuum, plan your service line portfolio, create the right partnerships or make smart technology decisions, the leap from planning to execution presents a challenge for many hospitals and health systems.

Sg2 Intelligence provides a set of directions to help you transform information into action. By looking beyond yesterday’s best practices and today’s buzzwords, Sg2 Intelligence gives you the guidance you need to prioritize and execute a plan that fits your organization’s unique needs today and in the future. All of our intelligence is organized around four Centers of Impact to ensure we’re focusing on what matters most to your hospital’s success.

  • The Sg2 Center for Strategic Planning provides you with actionable guidance to help build a plan that drives value for a wide range of stakeholders.
  • The Sg2 Center for Performance Strategy arms you with the tools to develop and track an action plan for performance enhancement.
  • The Sg2 Center for Clinical Technology helps you understand how to best prioritize future technology acquisitions, measure associated costs and quantify long-term financial impact.
  • The Sg2 Center for the Future offers a thought-provoking vision for long-term change in health care.

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Recommendations found in Sg2 Intelligence are thoroughly researched and completely unbiased. Sg2’s experts take the time to explore your biggest challenges from all perspectives—clinical, operational, financial and market dynamics—before charting a path that considers the needs of everyone from CEO to service line director. Industry-leading expertise, comparative metrics from Sg2 Analytics and real-world examples help you bring new strategies to life.

Sg2 Intelligence gives Sg2 clients access to a large and ever-growing library of in-depth publications on issues like payment reform, along with smart growth strategies and succinct tactical guides on everything from reducing readmissions to incorporating urgent care centers into your care continuum. Clients also collaborate with the Sg2 Intelligence team to receive customized answers to specific questions.

With Sg2 Intelligence, you get:

  • In-depth analysis linking today’s news to the larger trends impacting the industry
  • Actionable plans to build your care continuum
  • Specific steps to tackle key issues impacting your bottom line, like reducing readmissions, lowering your cost per case and shortening average lengths of stay
  • Strategies for linking sites across the care continuum and expanding your footprint across pre- and post-acute care settings
  • Direct interaction with experts and peers to help you develop and track an action plan

Sg2 TotalEdge, Sg2 MarketEdge and Sg2 TrendEdge all include full access to Sg2 Intelligence.

"Analytics and expertise to help you understand market dynamics and capitalize opportunities for growth."

As of February 11, 2016, Vizient, Inc. has completed its purchase of MedAssets Sg2 and spend and clinical resource management segments from Pamplona Capital Management, LLC. MedAssets revenue cycle business will continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pamplona Capital Management LLP.

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