Tony Guth

As a Director on the Sg2 Intelligence team, Anthony supports the System of CARE practice. He focuses his research on surgical services, service distribution and ambulatory strategy. Anthony helps define Sg2’s perspective on how health systems can more effectively integrate, shift and coordinate care delivery across the System of CARE.

Prior to joining Sg2, Anthony worked as a statistician for a logistics and supply chain management firm, where he created models to predict sales and provide accurate demand forecasts. His efforts pushed the organization toward evidence-based and data-oriented decision making.

Anthony earned his master of public policy from the College of William & Mary, where he researched the effects of health insurance exchanges and Medicaid expansion on local health clinics and their patient bases. His findings helped the local clinic directors understand a range of future utilization scenarios and provided a strategic foundation upon which they could develop plans to accommodate the looming health care reform. Anthony received a bachelor of arts in economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.