Tim leads the development and delivery of Sg2’s cancer intelligence and provides subject area expertise for oncology, life science and pharmaceutical consulting projects. He is responsible for overseeing the development of Sg2’s oncology viewpoint, including intelligence for publications, webinars and the Impact of Change® forecast, and supplies Sg2 members with up-to-date information on precision medicine, care deliver shifts, new cancer therapies and changes in the oncology payment/policy landscape. He supplies strategic insights that provide clients with an understanding of key trends as they prepare for the changing cancer care environment.

Tim also contributes to the technology team, tracking disruption and innovation in genetics, new diagnostic and treatment devices, artificial intelligence, and robotics to assist health care executives make decisions around technology acquisition and adoption.

Tim helps organize Sg2’s annual AMC Summit conference and is a frequent speaker for client strategic planning, executive leadership sessions and many Sg2 events, as well as a regular presenter on health care trends at local and national conferences.

Prior to joining Sg2, Tim managed publication strategy for pharmaceutical and medical device companies, led advisory boards and developed brand strategies for new drugs and devices. He earned a PhD in molecular and cellular biochemistry from Loyola University Chicago and a BS in biochemistry from Marquette University.