In the News: December 1-7

Sg2 is dedicated to helping our clients interpret the latest news and trends in health care. Below you’ll find our analysis of this week’s key industry headlines, along with links to related Sg2 resources.

JAMA: Recent Decrease in Dementia Prevalence Not Fully Understood

According to a recent JAMA study, dementia in the US decreased in prevalence from 11.6% in 2000 to 8.8% in 2012. This decline may be partially explained by increases in educational attainment and cardiovascular health, but other social and clinical contributing factors are not fully understood.

Despite potential improvements, dementia is one of the most common mental health disorders affecting US adults aged 65 and older. These patients may face access barriers for mental health services, including limited insurance coverage, shortages in geriatric mental health providers, stigma and lack of transportation. Creating programs across the care continuum to improve access to care is critical for both patients and their families/caregivers.

To learn more about opportunities to improve care for geriatric patients, read Sg2’s recent FAQ on advancing geriatric psychiatry programs.

Health Affairs: Consumers Choosing Low-Priced PCPs Can Realize Broader Savings

According to a recent Health Affairs study, patients of low-priced primary care physicians (PCPs) received, on average, relatively low-priced lab testing, imaging and other procedures. Overall, there was a decreased total spend per year among patients of low-priced physicians by $690 compared to patients of high-priced physicians.

Consumerism continues to gain traction in the health care setting as high-deductible plans proliferate and patients face growing out-of-pocket costs. Health systems often struggle to create consumer-focused pricing strategies without unnecessarily impacting margins. To learn more about steps health system leaders can take to recalibrate their approaches to pricing, read Sg2’s latest report on pricing strategy.

NEJM: Sg2’s Valinda Rutledge and Industry Leaders Discuss MACRA

A recent article from NEJM Catalyst about MACRA featured the perspectives of experts across the health care industry, including Sg2 Fellow Valinda Rutledge. Specifically, the article covered 5 questions:

  • Will MACRA’s fate change due to Donald Trump’s election?
  • What changed between the Proposed Rule and Final Rule?
  • How are physician practices preparing for MACRA?
  • What might be unintended consequences of MACRA?
  • How is MACRA positioned for success?

To learn more about MACRA, access the Sg2 MACRA Resource Kit and our recently released Special Report.

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