mHealth Apps Used to Improve Population Health

Increasingly, mHealth is being recognized as a powerful source of the necessary individual data to support large scale population health initiatives. One example of how mHealth data is being used to improve patient’s health is the Air Louisville program. The partnership between city and federal health officials in Louisville and Propeller Health focused on providing mHealth apps for asthma and COPD patients to improve both individual and community health.

The mHealth app collected environmental data from more than 1,100 patients, including information on air quality. This data then informed automated, personalized messages that were sent to appropriate individuals when air conditions were identified as dangerous. The program resulted in reduced inhaler use in 82% of patients, with 30% improving their overall asthma control. The impact of the program though is much larger.

Perhaps more importantly though, City officials are now using the data collected during the pilot to plan ahead for bad air days, and plan strategies to improve air quality. Officials hope that these actions will not only improve overall public health, but also will produce health care savings due to reduced medication use.

As you consider how best to use predictive analytics to improve population health refer to the Sg2 report: Advanced Analytics: A Foundational Framework to ensure you are properly prepared. Not an Sg2 member? Contact us to learn more.

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