Sg2 2018 Impact of Change Forecast: Rising Acuity Impacts Utilization

Each year at Sg2, we debut the latest health care projections from our Impact of Change® (IoC) national demand forecast. Sg2’s IoC national forecast had accurately called the historic inpatient (IP) declines that began in 2008. Future IP discharges, however, are poised to level off. Advances in care initiatives will continue to depress IP use rates, but less so over time, because of the inherent challenges in managing a higher-acuity and more elderly population. To see more of this year’s IoC projections, as well as a deep dive into the projections by specific site of care and/or visit type, read the full Expert Insight. Want even more on the methodology behind the Impact of Change and the strongest influences on growth across the care continuum? Check out our on-demand 2018 IoC Forecast Update webinar!

This national IoC forecast is valuable for understanding universal trends in health care. However, Sg2 also recognizes that all health care is local. That is why our localized market forecasts incorporate market baseline volumes to account for the unique differences in case mix and utilization patterns by market. They also include a Hyperlocalization enhancement, which is included in all Sg2 members’ localized market and organization forecasts. For more information on Sg2’s hyperlocalization forecast capabilities, reach out to your account team to set up a call with your director of strategic analytics.

Not an Sg2 member? Contact us to learn more about how the Impact of Change forecast can help you more accurately anticipate future opportunities and risks.

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