Clinically Integrated Networks and Value-Based Care Contracting Strategies

Despite volume-to-value evolution in health care, many health systems still derive revenue from fee-for-service business. The risk-based contracting pace is highly market-dependent, but overall, changing the traditional business model has been difficult. Over the last decade, some providers entered value-based care by forming clinically integrated networks (CINs) to demonstrate quality and cost-effectiveness and distribute performance-based rewards. Today, executive teams face pivotal decisions on pursuing payer contracting and optimizing CIN performance moving forward.

I had the opportunity to present on these topics at Southern Medical Association’s Emerging Issues in US Healthcare Policy conference in Washington DC on March 24, 2019. The discussion centered around the evolution of the clinically integrated network and how health care organizations are leveraging CINs to maximize value across value-based care contracts.

Key Lessons Learned

Although value-based care is here to stay, challenges remain on the path to achieving success. Proceed as any skilled portfolio manager: build complementary income streams to weather ebb and flow, evolve partnerships across the care continuum and place long-term bets, while taking on more risk where there’s currently little to lose.

Sg2 Supports Development of the Value-Based Care Portfolio

Sg2 provides data and expertise to help organizations determine the right timing and degree of risk to assume on the path to value-based care. We also have extensive experience in physician alignment arrangements such as comanagement, gainsharing and employment. We can assist you as you develop a comprehensive, financially sound road map for accountable care, as well as create and facilitate the execution of physician alignment arrangements comprising key compensation, quality metrics, governance, noncompete provisions and physician participation criteria.

As you move forward to develop your value-based care portfolio, contact us for a more in-depth conversation to ensure successful implementation and achievement of your strategic organizational goals.

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Sg2’s Consulting team is here to help. Contact Sg2 Senior Consulting Director Matthew Fadel to talk about clinically integrated networks and value-based care strategy development and implementation plans.

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