Sg2/Vizient Innovation Landscape Survey

Almost a decade ago, Sg2 highlighted the growing importance of building an innovation competency, not just by leading institutions, but by all who wished to remain competitive in today’s complex and ever-changing health care landscape. Health systems responded, and innovation centers now exist in almost every market. Using well-established principles like design thinking and lean, these centers drive transformation in clinical care delivery, patient and caregiver experience, cost, and quality and create new digital solutions focused on consumers and wellness.

In the midst of all this inspiring work, members often wonder if their innovation work is on target or whether their centers can show sufficient return on investment. Which metrics are most important to track and report, and what sort of partnerships might amplify their impact even further? Sg2 looks to answer these questions and more with our upcoming research on health system innovation centers.

As part of that effort, Sg2 and our parent company Vizient are conducting an innovation survey. We invite all members, as well as nonmembers, to complete our short (5–10 minute) Sg2/Vizient Innovation Landscape Survey, and we will share highlights on the findings to all who participate and provide contact information.

Start the survey

Thank you in advance, and we look forward to learning more about your organization’s innovation practices!

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