Let's redefine the future of health care together.

Sg2 is here to help you stabilize, adapt and evolve in today’s uncertain environment, providing expert intelligence, data-driven insights and strategic perspective to drive long-term success as you pave the way to your new normal.

Hospitals, Health Systems & IDNs

Sg2 concentrates on 3 key areas to help future-focused health systems and integrated IDNs meet today’s competitive pressures and achieve tomorrow’s growth opportunities.

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Academic Medical Centers

Sg2's data, analytics and expertise are used by over 50% of AMCs across the US to help them compete with nimble, lower-cost providers and identify strategies and pathways for success now and in the future.

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Children's Hospitals

Sg2 leverages deep expertise and capabilities in children’s hospital and pediatric strategy—driven by analytical tools, consulting engagements and dedicated pediatric subject matter experts—to help children’s hospitals achieve smart growth.

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Life Sciences & Industry

Sg2 provides life sciences and industry companies with unfiltered “voice of the customer” insights they need to focus product development, sales efforts and commercialization to align with current and future needs of hospitals and health systems.

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