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Planning Tools for Your Evolving Market

Sg2 MarketEdge membership takes Sg2’s renowned future-focused thought leadership and integrates it throughout our carefully researched intelligence resources, expert interactions and a robust suite of analytics tools to help you make faster and better informed strategic decisions now and as you position yourself in the future. Should your strategic priorities need more tailored help, membership can be enhanced with Sg2 consulting, enabling deeper collaboration and faster results, with continued membership support.

Sg2 MarketEdge provides:

  • Industry-leading intelligence (available through publications, webinars, live events and access to Sg2 experts) to help formulate your health system’s strategy
  • Advanced strategic analytics in a user-friendly online platform with pivot table, mapping and visualization capabilities
  • Integration of our intelligence and analytics around the unique perspective and concrete recommendations of Sg2 thought leadership to accelerate your strategic insights from theory to action

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Learn more about the value of the MarketEdge membership and how it can empower your organization with this previously-recorded webinar.


Sg2’s Impact of Change® Forecast

Learn the methodology behind Sg2’s industry-leading Impact of Change® forecast, and gain insights into its outputs and how it can be used to enhance strategic planning. [3 mins]

Sg2 is here to help your organization not only survive the challenges of the ever-changing health care industry, but to thrive. Contact us to gain a clear understanding of the connection between your growth and performance goals, as well the right information to pursue them.

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Sg2 MarketEdge is used by 2,000 unique health systems, academic medical centers, children’s hospitals and community hospitals nationwide.


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