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 March 25, 2020

9: Sg2 Perspectives: How Great Leaders Prepare Their Organizations for Change

Molly Cate and Tim Stewart from Jarrard Phillips Cate and Hancock (national leader in strategic communications for healthcare providers) join Trevor to talk about the art of change management and how great leaders are constantly pushing their team’s to build a culture that is prepared to handle adversity and tackle new problems.

Read more about Jarrard’s great work here

Show Notes:
[03:10] Molly explains the “art of change” concept as this concept applies to the healthcare industry.
[05:55] Elements which are used to coordinate care and make healthcare more efficient.
[07:17] The business of healthcare and the healthcare worker relationship and their story to make change.
[08:20] Why people, not technology, are going to change healthcare.
[10:24] Techniques which are helpful to create change at the “people level.”
[11:56] The family of “CYA” communications which are not supporting building a story with healthcare workers.
[13:24] Authenticity – the most important and biggest missing piece in the healthcare industry.
[15:48] Think about change like putting together two bookends: the big picture and how this is going to impact my job.
[18:37] Start building your relationships now in your community to buy goodwill for future change.
[22:17] Why healthcare workers need to feel that leadership is committed to their job.
[24:15] Identifying sources of tension, wrapping a sense of urgency around these sources and the need for a new strategy now.
[27:15] The importance of CEO’s taking responsibility in the healthcare system.
[29:02] Be selective and intentional in using your personal brand when you are in a leadership position.

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 March 11, 2020

8: Sg2 Perspectives: Virtual Health trends

Chris Pagano discusses, debates and defends the role virtual health is playing.  He tackles tough questions like: why isn’t utilization matching consumer stated preference?  How are health systems making the economics work?  And, is there a future milestone or tipping point we need to reach for this to really take off?

Read more about virtual health and Sg2’s perspective here.
Or, Sg2 members can see our full suite of virtual health resources.

Show Notes:
[01:29] Why aren’t more consumers using virtual health care?
[03:15] Vendors need to design software in a more user-friendly fashion.
[05:38] Benefits of virtual health care.
[07:37] Virtual healthcare is a good option for patient preventative care.
[09:27] How healthcare systems can align their healthcare strategy with virtual healthcare.
[12:03] Elements to make the financials work at the physician’s level.
[14:36] Tipping Point #1: How you can bend the cost curve down and provide convenient access to healthcare.
[17:17] Chronic care patient populations readmission rates can drop to zero with day-to-day monitoring with proactive care.
[20:48] Tools and training needed for physicians to make the switch to virtual healthcare.
[23:45] Virtual health transforming how we deliver care to patients.

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 February 26, 2020

7: Sg2 Perspectives: AMC Summit Debrief

Join Sg2 experts Mike Humphrey and Justin Cassidy, PhD, to learn about the top strategies our Academic Medical Center members are focused on.  Mike and Justin walk through the AMC Summit theme to share the key takeaways around how AMCs have unique scale opportunities and challenges, clinical affiliations and other partnerships, success in value-based care, and tackling big problem through your innovation competency.

Cases about AMC success stories can be found here.
Watch a presentation about value-based care success at AMCs.
Sg2 members can access much more about AMC strategy online.

Show Notes:
[01:03] Scale as a theme at the Executive Summit.
[04:10] Understanding, developing and leveraging clinical scale.
[08:03] Partnerships and collaborations – extending knowledge and information.
[12:48] Discussing the presentation from Partners around scale enabling the move into value-based care.
[16:19] Problems the team from UCSF are trying to solve with their innovation work.
[21:23] Closing thoughts on thinking about scale as an opportunity.

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 February 12, 2020

6: Sg2 Perspectives: Ventas – Health Care Real Estate

Two industry leaders from Ventas: Margie McHugh, Senior Vice President of Advisory Services, and Shane Seitz, Senior Investment Officer, join me to discuss trends in healthcare real estate including the shifting profile of investors, new types of investments, and forcing health system executives to answer the question “are you in the real estate business?”

Show Notes:
[01:28] How real estate is shifting in the health care industry.
[06:02] The evolution and ‘retailization’ of health care.
[09:04] Discussing the complexities of health care real estate.
[12:14] New types of investments and the investor profile.
[15:48] Changing demographics and understanding how it impacts real estate.

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 January 29, 2020

5: Sg2 Perspectives: Cardiovascular Trends

Chad Giese, Associate Principal, and Josh Aaker, PhD, Director, Sg2 cardiovascular service line leaders, talk about a few of the trends our members are asking about most frequently including procedural shift to outpatient settings, learnings from bundles, challenges managing heart failure patients and advances in structural heart programs.

Read more from Chad and Josh on our blog. Sg2 members can tap into more CV resources at

Show Notes:
[02:35] Three big takeaways about the future of CV care.
[05:36] The benefits and challenges of the hospital-to-ambulatory shift.
[10:01] What’s next for BPCI advanced.
[14:22] The difficulty in managing congestive heart failure.
[21:02] Guidelines and the future of structural heart.
[23:22] Managing volume at multiple hospital organizations.

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 January 13, 2020

4: Sg2 Perspectives: Women’s Health


Our Women’s health service line leaders, Karyl Kopaskie, PhD, Senior Director, and Jeremy Miller, MD, Fellow, discuss and debate how health systems are responding to emerging trends including consumerism, changing preference for wellness visits, as well as modest yet hopeful strides we are making in public health around maternal and infant mortality.

Read more about these topics on our blog or watch Karyl on YouTube. Sg2 members can tap into more Women’s health resources at

Show Notes:
[01:01] Three big takeaways about women’s healthcare.
[01:54] Why patient relationships are changing in women’s healthcare.
[03:32] Aging baby boomers and their outlook on women’s healthcare.
[05:22] Types of goals and perspectives on setting health care goals for building better relationships with female clients.
[08:00] Patient interests – are they aligning with physician interests?
[11:20] The opportunity to link data with consumer preferences and what this information can tell us.
[15:40] America is at the bottom of the list of developed countries for infant mortality.
[17:00] States which are invested can move the needle on maternal mortality.
[17:47] Healthcare organizations need to work in tandem to create a better healthcare setting for lower socioeconomic female patients.
[18:56] Asking women what they think the barriers are to access to health.
[24:09] Virtual setting for high-risk OBGYN clients.

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 January 13, 2020

3: Sg2 Perspectives: Procedure Sites of the Future

Lisa Slama, PhD, Associate Principal, Intelligence, Sg2 and Amanda Olderog, Senior Director, Orthopedics and Surgery, Sg2

Sg2 experts, Lisa and Amanda, roll up their sleeves and explore the pace and variability of change in sites of care for different procedures across markets. 

You can learn more about this topic by watching Lisa discuss our Impact of Change forecast on YouTube

Sg2 members can

Show Notes:
[01:02] Where future growth is going to be in terms of procedures for hospitals.
[02:05] Where you can expect to find growth in outpatient procedures.
[03:11] Procedures which will stay in the hospital and procedures which will become outpatient.
[04:22] Status of the physician, how this impacts patient care and the types of ambulatory care centers.
[06:17] Factors which are included in the “perfect migration storm”.
[08:55] Understanding the specifics of a market and how to advise professionals on where to start.
[11:23] Future shifts in orthopedic outpatient procedures.
[13:21] Maintaining profitability and staffing within your practice.
[16:40] Physicians who do not have community partnerships see shifts more slowly.
[20:19] Why academic institutions have additional inefficiencies.
[21:10] Balancing your mission, along with care, which is not as profitable and providing care collaboratively.
[21:06] Patients don’t understand the types of centers they can have procedures.

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 January 13, 2020

2: Sg2 Perspectives: Innovation

Henry Soch, Principal, Intelligence, Sg2 and Chris Cornue, former Chief Strategy and Chief Innovation Officer, Navicent Health

Chris and Henry share the themes and key takeaways from the Sg2 event “Innovation: Moving From Silos to Scale.” They also put the exciting presentations from the event into the broader context of how health systems are pursuing innovation work.

Read more from Henry about how health systems are tackling innovation here

Sg2 members can tap into more innovation resources at

Show Notes:
[01:26] The context of innovation within healthcare.
[04:11] Why it’s important to have innovation tied to your strategy.
[05:28] Linking strategy with innovation to guide the organization.
[06:13] An example of how innovation isn’t effective in the healthcare industry.
[08:03] Broad aspects of innovation, including removing waste and not falling into the shiny new technology for the sake of technology.
[09:15] Creating change within your organization.
[10:35] Asking the right questions to create change in your organization.
[13:21] Mission-driven industries and the broader mission of curing cancer.
[16:31] How to be impactful when using innovation.
[17:33] Leveraging intellectual property in the life sciences industry.
[19:09] Value-laden change in the healthcare industry.

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 December 16, 2019

1: Sg2 Perspectives: Grill Bill

Bill Woodson, Senior Principal, Intelligence, Sg2

In the first episode of the new Sg2 podcast, Sg2 Perspectives, we jump right in with thought-leader Bill Woodson to pick his brain about a subject we continue to work with members on: the progress and promise of scale. Consolidation among health care providers continues, but the challenging work of true integration and clinical scale remain, in most cases, as aspirational rather than immediate goals.

We tackle the tough questions:

  • How are health systems moving towards the promise of scale?
  • What lessons have been learned thus far?
  • Could there be an impetus to really accelerate change?

Visit Sg2’s blog for more on scale from Bill Woodson.

Sg2 members can read more in our resource kit from the 2019 Executive Summit (login required).

Show Notes:
[01:21] How Bill decided to talk about scale as a feature for this episode.
[02:21] Vision and scale: how does Bill see leaders evolving around the concept of scale.
[03:02] What leaders are saying publicly and behind the curtain about expanding healthcare systems.
[03:47] Problems in healthcare which are solved by scale.
[04:36] The potential for healthcare systems to lower costs in the near future.
[08:23] Two levers which need to be taken to achieve the promise of healthcare.
[10:23] Strategic capital and fixed capital needs of healthcare over the next decade.
[13:21] Creating scale in independent practices and vertical integration.
[17:11] Clinical scale and Bill’s thoughts on execution of clinical scale.
[21:19] Closing thoughts on long-term vision of healthcare and scale.

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