7: Sg2 Perspectives: AMC Summit Debrief

Join Sg2 experts Mike Humphrey and Justin Cassidy, PhD, to learn about the top strategies our Academic Medical Center members are focused on.  Mike and Justin walk through the AMC Summit theme to share the key takeaways around how AMCs have unique scale opportunities and challenges, clinical affiliations and other partnerships, success in value-based care, and tackling big problem through your innovation competency.

Cases about AMC success stories can be found here.
Watch a presentation about value-based care success at AMCs.
Sg2 members can access much more about AMC strategy online.

Show Notes:
[01:03] Scale as a theme at the Executive Summit.
[04:10] Understanding, developing and leveraging clinical scale.
[08:03] Partnerships and collaborations – extending knowledge and information.
[12:48] Discussing the presentation from Partners around scale enabling the move into value-based care.
[16:19] Problems the team from UCSF are trying to solve with their innovation work.
[21:23] Closing thoughts on thinking about scale as an opportunity.

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