101: The Year Ahead: Top Health System Priorities for 2022

Sg2 is composed of a future-focused group of strategists, and at the beginning of each year, we walk our members through our perspective on the top trends, issues, and opportunities for hospitals and health systems for the coming year in our Year Ahead webinar. In this episode, Sg2’s Associate Principal Jennifer O’Connor, FACHE, Senior Advisor Steve Jenkins, and Senior Principal Bill Woodson join us to talk about the health care landscape for 2022 and areas of strategic focus for many organizations: workforce challenges and solutions; competition stemming from M&A, particularly in primary care and with specialty physicians; analytical rigor in health equity strategy; and how to think about growth opportunities through a new framework consisting of three elements.


Sg2 members can watch 2022: The Year Ahead webinar on-demand here.


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