112: If You Build It They Will Come: Think Across the Care Continuum: Short-, Mid- and Long-term Strategic Planning for Behavioral Health

In this week’s Sg2 Perspectives, we bring back Sg2’s lead for behavioral health services Senior Consultant Stephanie Snider, Senior Consulting Director Lisa McGuire and Associate Principal Matt Fadel, who join host Jayme Zage, PhD, to go deeper into strategic planning for behavioral health across the care continuum. Stephanie, Lisa and Matt focus on how health systems can address workforce challenges with operational efficiencies; how behavioral health leaders can utilize market demographics, demand and growth data to make the dollars work; and how organizations can think outside the box to change their behavioral health care delivery models.


Make sure to listen to Sg2 Perspectives episode 110, If You Build It They Will Come: Behavioral Health Strategy Across the Care Continuum, to learn more about creating behavioral health capacity!


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