120: Sg2 Strategy Exchange Debrief, Session 2: The Evolution of the Health System Strategic Planning Process

The Sg2 Strategy Exchange is a networking and shared learning opportunity for health system strategic planning leaders. Previously, in Sg2 Perspectives episode 111, we provided a debrief of the exchange’s first session, which included strategy roles, strategic prioritization and scenario planning. In this episode, host Trevor DaRin and Sg2’s Director Janelle Kwan, MBA, and Principal Jennifer O’Connor, FACHE, cover the exchange’s second session, which focused on the strategic planning process itself, including the incorporation of data, navigating systemness and leadership transitions, and care access improvement.


Check out Sg2 Strategy Exchange Debrief: The Nuts and Bolts of Health System Strategic Planning for the first Sg2 Perspectives episode on the Sg2 Strategy Exchange.


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