170: What Does the Risant Health Collaboration Signal for the Health Care Industry?

We at Sg2 tend to nerd out a bit with breaking health care news, so when we heard about the new approach to collaboration and scale that Kaiser Permanente and Geisinger Health are attempting with Risant Health, Sg2 Perspectives decided to invite some of our experts to share their ideas on what this means for the industry and what Risant Health may do next. Sg2 Principal Jennifer O’Connor, FACHE, and value-based care experts Associate Principal Joe Maher and Associate Principal Bill Ringwood join us for a fun, speculative conversation around what they believe will happen—and what they believe will not—as well as how the health care industry may respond.

Learn more about the new Kaiser Permanente and Geisinger partnership in our blog post Risant Health, a New Disrupter on the Scene?

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