3: Sg2 Perspectives: Procedure Sites of the Future

Lisa Slama, PhD, Associate Principal, Intelligence, Sg2 and Amanda Olderog, Senior Director, Orthopedics and Surgery, Sg2

Sg2 experts, Lisa and Amanda, roll up their sleeves and explore the pace and variability of change in sites of care for different procedures across markets. 

You can learn more about this topic by watching Lisa discuss our Impact of Change forecast on YouTube

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Show Notes:
[01:02] Where future growth is going to be in terms of procedures for hospitals.
[02:05] Where you can expect to find growth in outpatient procedures.
[03:11] Procedures which will stay in the hospital and procedures which will become outpatient.
[04:22] Status of the physician, how this impacts patient care and the types of ambulatory care centers.
[06:17] Factors which are included in the “perfect migration storm”.
[08:55] Understanding the specifics of a market and how to advise professionals on where to start.
[11:23] Future shifts in orthopedic outpatient procedures.
[13:21] Maintaining profitability and staffing within your practice.
[16:40] Physicians who do not have community partnerships see shifts more slowly.
[20:19] Why academic institutions have additional inefficiencies.
[21:10] Balancing your mission, along with care, which is not as profitable and providing care collaboratively.
[21:06] Patients don’t understand the types of centers they can have procedures.

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