30: Highlights from Executive Summit 2020: Tomorrow Is Here

Executive Summit is Sg2’s leading annual conference series that provides our members with Sg2 experts’ strategic perspective and expertise across the health care landscape. This year, the COVID-19 public health crisis took center stage, and we not only pivoted to provide our members with a virtual experience, we took on the theme of Tomorrow Is Here: Strategy for the New Clinical Enterprise, covering such topics as the impacts of COVID-19 on care utilization and evolving ambulatory strategy. Now, more than ever, leaders must be intentional in transforming their clinical enterprises—not just to succeed in a new era, but to also stabilize, adapt and evolve in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this week’s episode, Sg2 Executive Summit leader Rebecca Limestall shares this year’s key takeaways and most impactful stories, as well as how strategy teams must adapt their roles to prepare for the next normal.

Sg2 members can access the Executive Summit 2020 resource kit to review the presentations, associated sessions, and related Sg2 resources.

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