77: System of CARE: Optimizing Your Ambulatory Strategy

In talking to Sg2 members nationwide, one thing is clear: ambulatory strategy is currently top of mind, whether it’s due to disruption by new entrants in the health care space or the variability of specific procedure shifts. In this week’s Sg2 Perspectives, we welcome Sg2 Associate Principal Chad Giese, Director Josh Aaker and Principal Mike Strilesky as we dive into Part 2 of our unofficial System of CARE series to discuss ambulatory optimization strategy from a health system enterprise perspective, as well as a service line perspective, including transitions to the ASC and the CMS inpatient-only list.

Check out Sg2 Perspectives episode 68, System of CARE (Part 1 of 3): Not Your Mother’s Channel Strategy, for the first episode in this unofficial series, as well as episode 73, System of CARE: AMC Channel Strategy—Referrals and Relationships, for our AMC-focused System of CARE discussion.

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