9: Sg2 Perspectives: How Great Leaders Prepare Their Organizations for Change

Molly Cate and Tim Stewart from Jarrard Phillips Cate and Hancock (national leader in strategic communications for healthcare providers) join Trevor to talk about the art of change management and how great leaders are constantly pushing their team’s to build a culture that is prepared to handle adversity and tackle new problems.

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Show Notes:
[03:10] Molly explains the “art of change” concept as this concept applies to the healthcare industry.
[05:55] Elements which are used to coordinate care and make healthcare more efficient.
[07:17] The business of healthcare and the healthcare worker relationship and their story to make change.
[08:20] Why people, not technology, are going to change healthcare.
[10:24] Techniques which are helpful to create change at the “people level.”
[11:56] The family of “CYA” communications which are not supporting building a story with healthcare workers.
[13:24] Authenticity – the most important and biggest missing piece in the healthcare industry.
[15:48] Think about change like putting together two bookends: the big picture and how this is going to impact my job.
[18:37] Start building your relationships now in your community to buy goodwill for future change.
[22:17] Why healthcare workers need to feel that leadership is committed to their job.
[24:15] Identifying sources of tension, wrapping a sense of urgency around these sources and the need for a new strategy now.
[27:15] The importance of CEO’s taking responsibility in the healthcare system.
[29:02] Be selective and intentional in using your personal brand when you are in a leadership position.

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