95: Accelerating Ambulatory Strategy

Today on Sg2 Perspectives we’re all about ambulatory strategy, and we’re approaching it from two different angles. First, Sg2 Principal Brianna Motley and Associate Principal Eric Lam discuss the Ambulatory Strategy Accelerator program led by Sg2’s parent company Vizient, which is a fast-paced, interactive program designed to not only help member organizations narrow down their ambulatory strategic priorities but also provide them with a collaborative community to share their learnings and challenges. Then Sg2 Senior Consulting Director Jamie Logsdon joins us to talk about how we are using insights from the Ambulatory Accelerator Program to help inform our work with members on their ambulatory strategy projects, in particular, leveraging market prioritization amidst competitive pressure, from framework to implementation.

Learn more about the Ambulatory Strategy Accelerator program here.

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