96: Sg2 AMC Summit 2021: Rearranging the Psychological Furniture of AMC Systems of CARE

Some of Sg2’s earliest members were academic medical centers (AMCs), so we have always made it a priority to engage with them and understand their challenges—which is what our Sg2 AMC Summit is all about. This week, Sg2 General Manager, AMCs, and National Vice President, Client Relations, Michael Humphrey and Senior Director Justin Cassidy, PhD, join Sg2 Perspectives talk about the biggest takeaways from our 18th annual AMC Summit, which took place this past October. Mike and Justin discuss pressing AMC challenges around workforce, capacity, community health system competition and service distribution; share specific examples of how AMCs are adapting for sustainability and rightsizing their ambulatory footprints; and provide insight into what AMCs will be focused on in 2022.


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