97: What’s the Real Market Opportunity? Utilizing Sg2 Insurance Coverage Estimates to Understand Local Payer Enrollment

In this week’s Sg2 Perspectives, Sg2 Director and podcast host Trevor DaRin, Associate Principal Brian Esser and Director Tori Richie dive into Sg2’s Insurance Coverage Estimates, an analytic tool built by Sg2 to help our members not only understand what their market looks like from a payer enrollment perspective but also explore the local dynamics that might change those enrollment patterns in the future. Trevor, Brian and Tori discuss Medicare, Medicaid and commercial health insurance, as well as the health insurance exchanges, covering the larger trends and our projections for how the landscape may change over the next five years, including the impacts of the public health emergency and policy/regulatory changes.

For more on the key payment and policy impacts across payer classes, Sg2 members can watch our recent Strategic Payment Update and What to Consider for 2022 webinar on-demand here.


Sg2’s Insurance Coverage Estimates Click here


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