216: Sg2 Economic Index 2.0

“Hi podcast listeners! We are trying something fun, and maybe a little bit dangerous. On May 22, 2024, from 2:00–3:00 pm CT, Sg2 Perspectives is hosting a live podcast where you can join hosts Trevor DaRin, Tori Richie and Jayme Zage via Zoom for the recording of an episode. Our relationship right now is a little one sided, and we want to meet you! So register here to join us to ask questions, share your insights or just heckle us. (Sg2 members can look for more information on the Sg2 Intelligence site.) Hope to see you there!”

Sg2 continuously monitors the margins and financial resiliency of our members across the country, so on this week’s Sg2 Perspectives, host Jayme Zage, PhD, talks to Sg2 Principal Brian Esser, Senior Consultant Sushma Narra and Director Ryota Terada about the latest iteration of Sg2’s Economic Index, which helps organizations anticipate where future financial headwinds and tailwinds may develop. Brian, Sushma and Ryota discuss the four domains of the Economic Index; how this tool can benefit not only providers but also life sciences companies; and their bold predictions for what will impact financial resiliency over the next couple years.

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