Understanding your system can help build your growth strategy. Improving network integrity and the patient journey is essential to improving clinical outcomes, financial performance and patient experience. Our insights can help.
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Optimize your health system network with Provider Connections.

Today, providers face challenges managing larger patient panels, accessing specialty care, and communicating effectively with hospitals and health systems. These challenges are barriers to a seamless patient experience. While providers have many options when referring patients, retaining care is crucial for an organization’s financial and market success in both the short and long term, and plays a vital role in optimizing care quality. Provider Connections is the foundation of a successful physician loyalty initiative. This tool helps achieve network optimization, drive physician engagement and loyalty, and streamline the patient experience by providing insights into referral patterns.

Use our data to:

  • Improve physician network integrity
  • Quantify financial impact of leakage
  • Achieve short-term growth initiatives
  • Prioritize physician outreach planning
  • Monitor physician outreach progress toward goals
  • Improve physician outreach field work efficiency
  • Assess physician loyalty
  • Identify splitter behavior
  • Maximize network design for seamless patient experience
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