Each year, Sg2 establishes and delivers a research agenda that covers a range of future-focused enterprise and service line strategy topics through various content mediums. Additionally, we consistently track current industry trends and potential market disrupters. Topics are selected based on Sg2 experts’ insights into industry evolution, member needs and requests, and coverage of important issues that may not yet be mainstream.

Sg2 Intelligence also includes distinct offerings for academic medical centers (AMCs), children’s hospitals and life sciences organizations.

We maintain ongoing coverage in key areas of expertise, including...

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    Smart Growth

  • Finance_Green.svg (Original)

    Financial Strategy

  • Policy_Grey.svg (Original)

    Payment and Policy Evolution 

  • Workforce_Grey.svg (Original)

    Workforce and Physician Alignment

  • Consumer-Strategy_Blue.svg (Original)

    Consumer Strategy

  • Enterprise-Strategy_Green.svg (Original)

    System of CARE Development

  • ServiceLines_Green.svg (Original)

    Service Line Strategy and Optimization

  • Technology_Orange.svg (Original)

    Digital Health and Innovation

  • StrategicPlanning_Blue.svg (Original)

    Market Disruption



The extensive Sg2 Intelligence library is available on demand through our secure member website. Industry-leading, unbiased expertise, comparative data from Sg2 Analytics and real-world examples will help you bring new strategies to life. Sg2 Intelligence is delivered through various avenues and formats that best suit the subject at hand.


Engage with Sg2 Intelligence through 
in-depth reports



The EDGE Membership includes in-person and virtual events throughout the year.

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  • Executive Summit
    • Marquee annual event with Sg2 experts and strategy leaders
  • AMC and Children’s Hospital Summits
    • Held annually at a member location to connect with peers and experts




Led by our seasoned team of strategic and clinical experts, Sg2 education offerings are designed to inform, provoke and guide strategic initiatives to help your teams confidently address their most pressing challenges.

The high-value offerings range from an expert on-site presentation, included in most EDGE memberships, to customized, fee-for-service sessions. These can be an hour or multiple days and can take the form of in-person or virtual presentations, facilitated discussions or curriculum-based courses.

Sg2 can develop high-value sessions designed specifically to meet your goals. Contact us to learn more.

“As the system gets bigger and hungrier for more data, our strategic planning team can't have the answers to everything. So, having an army of content experts that we can pull on is really helpful."

Jason Meier
Associate VP of Business Strategy, Northwell Health