Our team provides a comprehensive suite of analytics tools designed for everyone in your organization, from C-suite executives and service line leaders to analysts and data scientists. The result is an unparalleled insight into your inpatient and outpatient markets.
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We integrate a wide variety of data sources, proprietary methodologies and expert analyses to create a comprehensive view of your market. Intuitive reports and interactive dashboards, combined with robust drill-down tools and direct access to raw data, help you and your team create an informed market strategy to compete more effectively.

Who is in my market?
Analyze, understand and grow your patient population by having the right knowledge about your consumer.

Who do I compete with?
Gain a better understanding of how your performance compares to other systems in your market.

What is my future demand?
Understand what your market looks like with the input of Sg2 forecasting and market assessments.

How do patients move through health systems?
Health care is local, and in its best form, is patient centered. Understanding the relationships and connections between patients, providers and care delivery access points across the market allows you to identify and address care gaps, bolster system efficiencies, and enhance the overall care delivery experience.

How do I unify my data?
Our unique, disease-based code structure links market, clinical and financial inpatient and outpatient data.

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