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Sg2 thought leadership is integrated throughout the EDGE® membership, originating from Sg2 Intelligence. Sg2 Intelligence combines actionable, near-term insights with future-focused research to help you formulate and effectively execute your strategy.

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Sg2’s comprehensive suite of powerful analytics, combined with expert guidance, enables your organization to quickly identify, quantify, prioritize and act on opportunities and competitive challenges across your market and System of CARE (Clinical Alignment and Resource Effectiveness).

  • Our software as a service (SaaS)-based platform combines rich data sources with Sg2’s proprietary methodologies in an intuitive interface, accelerating your market analyses. 
  • Our data as a service (DaaS) solution streamlines connectivity to Sg2 analytics, saving time, providing flexibility and enabling integration into enterprise data warehouses (EDWs).

Partner with your dedicated account team to empower and accelerate your strategic plans.

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Service Model

Upon joining Sg2, member organizations are assigned a dedicated account team that will proactively partner with you to understand your organizational goals, maximize the value of your membership and serve as ongoing strategic advisors. Key service team members dedicated to your organization include:

  • Client Relations: We optimize the relationship between your organization and Sg2 by building a partnership, understanding your initiatives, assessing your needs and applying the best Sg2 solution to your priorities.
  • Strategic Analytics: We leverage industry expertise, market data and Sg2 Intelligence and Analytics to drive key strategic decisions at your organization.
  • Member Center: The team is available via email, phone or web to triage and address all categories of client inquiries, from customized questions to event registrations.
  • Data Operations: The team is responsible for acquiring, processing and customizing Sg2 products and solutions for delivery onto the Sg2 Analytics platform.
  • Implementation: We oversee delivery timelines and critical implementation dependencies to ensure the successful delivery of Sg2 products and solutions.

“The Sg2 team, including many experts, is incredibly helpful in providing us with the support and resources needed to achieve our goals. The forecasting tools and market share data are particularly helpful in making data-driven decisions and improving our performance.”

Diane Maas
Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, Beacon Health

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