Sg2 Solutions

Making and executing on the right strategic decisions has never been more important than it is today. Sg2 Solutions enable the country’s leading health care providers to make better decisions, faster by providing the right mix of thought leadership, analytics, and advisory support for today’s biggest challenges.

The strategic life cycle: Asses, create strategy, determine tactics, implement, and manage and monitor

With Sg2’s integrated solutions, we support your organization as it moves across multiple phases of its strategic life cycle, shown above.


Explore the ways Sg2 can support your organization:

Icon of a building Facility Planning
Ensure the viability of your facility footprint by combining Sg2’s industry-leading research, market assessments, and data-driven strategy focused around the System of Care with implementation through Vizient’s design consultancy facilities, capital and construction operations solutions.
Icon of a stethoscope and a dollar sign Bundled Payment
Minimize the risk and maximize the benefit of participating in CMS bundle payment programs by integrating the future-focused perspective of industry thought leaders with 30 years of bundled payment experience and a powerful analytics platform.

What makes Sg2 Solutions unique:

  • Support across the strategy lifecycle: No matter where you are in your planning process, we provide support across your entire strategic life cycle—from assessment to implementation to ongoing management. Sg2 has the consulting expertise, analytics and insights you need to drive success in your market.
  • Trusted advisor relationships: Looking beyond yesterday’s best practices and today’s buzzwords, Sg2’s experts take the time to explore your biggest challenges from all perspectives—clinical, operational, financial and market dynamics—before charting a path that considers the needs of everyone on your team, from CEO to service line director.
  • Industry’s most powerful analytics: Our future-focused analytics suite integrates a wide variety of data sources, proprietary methodologies and expert analyses to create a comprehensive view of your market. Intuitive reports and interactive dashboards are combined with robust drill-down tools that support you and your team in creating an informed market strategy to compete more effectively.
  • Industry thought leaders: Our multidisciplinary experts—including clinical leaders, strategists and former health care executives—work with leading hospitals and health systems just like yours across the country to provide innovative, actionable business solutions.