November 5, 2021

The Sg2 EDGE Membership


Insights That Lead to Action

The Sg2 EDGE membership powers strategies at today’s leading health care organizations that lead to sustainable, equitable growth across the care continuum.

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The EDGE membership crystalizes key challenges organizations must face to succeed and quickly quantifies opportunities so organizations can act purposefully.

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Better Decisions, Faster
Experts Dedicated to Your Success

Sg2 EDGE members are supported by a team of veteran health care professionals—clinical, strategic and analytic experts—who are dedicated to your success.

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Sg2 Intelligence

Sg2 thought leadership is infused throughout the EDGE membership, originating within Sg2 Intelligence. Sg2 Intelligence combines actionable, near-term insights with future-focused research to help you formulate and effectively execute your strategy.

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Sg2’s experts approach the industry’s biggest challenges from all perspectives—clinical, operational, financial and market dynamics.

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Sg2’s signature thought leadership featured within the extensive library of unbiased research and resources aims to more thoroughly inform your strategy

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Both live and virtual, Sg2 events provide a forum to hear from and interact with Sg2 experts and your peers across the country.

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Sg2 members have direct access to a wide range of our thought leaders, who are subject matter experts in areas such as service line strategy, payment and policy, consumerism, and more.


Sg2 Analytics

Sg2’s suite of powerful analytics quickly identify, quantify and prioritize opportunities across your market and System of CARE . Our SaaS-based platform combines rich data sources with Sg2’s proprietary methodologies in an intuitive interface to accelerate your market analyses.

Imapct of Change icon

Impact of Change® Demand Forecast – understand the future of health care demand with the industry’s leading forecast

State data icon

State Data Analysis – analyze historic utilization within your state’s data

Demographic data icon

Demographic Suite – identify demographic, buying behavior and insurance coverage shifts within your market

Patient flow icon

Patient Flow – evaluate the actual, observed movement of patients within your market to drive growth and improve care continuity

AMS icon

Ambulatory Market Strategist – understand your ambulatory market position across all sites of care, trended over time

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CARE Grouper – unify your data and unlock the insights they hold


Sg2's Analytics platform


Sg2 Service Team of Dedicated Advisors

Upon joining Sg2, member organizations are assigned a dedicated account team that will proactively partner with you to understand your organizational goals, maximize the value of your membership and serve as ongoing strategic advisors.

EDGE Membership Customization

Sg2 provides the flexibility organizations need to customize their EDGE memberships to best accomplish their goals. From integrated delivery networks to academic medical centers, or community hospitals to device manufacturers, Sg2 can tailor your membership to create the most impactful portfolio of resources for your organization. Contact for more information.

Strategic Growth Consulting

Success in quickly evolving markets requires the right partners. By pairing your Edge membership with Sg2 Strategic Growth consulting, you can take advantage of an integrated, multi-disciplinary team focused on your success. Read more about how we can help your organization.

The lifecycle of strategic planning

To learn more about how an Sg2 EDGE membership can support you, contact us today:


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