Academic Medical Centers Sg2's tripartite academic medicine mission, consisting of patient care, medical education, and research and innovation.

AMCs provide world-class tertiary and quaternary services, ensure access to underserved populations, train the next generation of health care professionals and drive the vast majority of health care innovations.

As markets become more cost- and value-conscious and payment models evolve, many AMC leaders wonder how they can continue to grow and support their tripartite mission while competing with nimble, lower-cost providers.

Sg2 supports the majority of academic medical centers across the country in navigating this sea change, identifying the strategies and pathways for success now and in the future.

The Sg2 Difference

Sg2’s data, analytical tools and expertise are what over 50% of AMCs across the US rely on to help them plan, build, partner and win in their markets.

Sg2 Intelligence: Strategies for Sustainable Success

Sg2 develops original research shared with members via publications, custom intelligence and webinars. Recent key areas of interest to AMCs include building the high-acuity facilities of the future, understanding opportunities to grow destination care, value-based care strategies for academic health systems and service line structures to drive growth.

Education and Engagement With AMC Peers

Sg2 has a long history of working with AMCs across the US, and we understand the unique challenges that AMCs face in today’s health care environment. For these reasons, one of the key ways in which we support our AMC members is by convening AMC strategy leaders around important topics. Peer-to-peer learning is achieved through events, including our annual AMC Summit, as well as smaller group meetings and networking opportunities.

AMC Summit conferences through the years

Sg2’s parent company, Vizient, works with 95% of AMCs across the US. The Vizient University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) provides a critical venue exclusively for AMC members where colleagues collaborate to position themselves for future success. These member-driven networks facilitate candid conversations, relevant hot topic discussions and knowledge sharing. Learnings and discussions that take place among the UHC networks help fuel the research agenda and offerings for Sg2’s AMC members.

Recent joint collaboration projects between the Networks and Sg2 include the AMC Value-Based Care Forum and Chief Strategy Officers Network.

Sg2 Analytics: Identify Smart Growth Opportunities

Sg2’s Tertiary Impact of Change® Forecast

Sg2 understands the patient populations that AMCs treat can differ significantly from those treated at community hospitals. For this reason we have developed a Tertiary Forecast grouper to identify patients requiring complex and multidisciplinary care supported with advanced technologies and innovative research and clinical trials.

Inpatient Discharges Forecast - will increase 7% over the next decade.

Note: Analysis excludes 0–17 age group. Critical care discharges include the following CARE Families: Acute Respiratory Failure, Dysrhythmia and Cardiac Arrest, Hemorrhagic Stroke, Myocardial Infarction, Septicemia, Shock, Skull Fracture and Major Brain Injury, and Spinal Cord Injury. Tertiary discharges refer to discharges commonly occurring at tertiary and quaternary facilities and are defined through Sg2’s tertiary CARE Grouper. Medicare admissions are filtered for financial class: Medicare. Sources: Impact of Change®, 2019; HCUP National Inpatient Sample (NIS). Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) 2016. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD; Claritas Pop-Facts®, 2019; Sg2 Analysis, 2019.

Sg2’s Destination Care Database

Using a national claims data base, Sg2 can assist AMCs in understanding how far patients traveled for care by disease and procedure, as well as benchmark against other AMCs, complex teaching hospitals and advanced community hospitals to inform strategies for extending reach for complex care.

Membership Resources

Sg2 experts regularly produce AMC-targeted intelligence and webinars, such as:


Select AMC Experts

Our AMC experts develop data analytic solutions and work closely with our members on cutting-edge strategic planning and market performance.