MarketPulse—a new, additional service add-on for Life Sciences & Industry members—empowers data-driven decisions by unlocking nationwide and hyperlocal insights for manufacturers, empowering you to craft winning sales and marketing strategies. We have the largest inpatient dataset that drills down to the facility and SKU level for medical device purchasing. Truth in the medical device market can only be found with precise data—what will our data reveal to you?

Win using actual data—not averages.

A smattering of data points available through MarketPulse across the United States

With invoice-level intelligence from 3,500+ facilities, MarketPulse enables you to:

An example of MarketPulse's data for a city near Chicago, showing how a yearly total spend for a certain medical device is broken down across several main companies.

  1. Market wisely. Discover opportunities in any category that matters to you. Invest resources in areas with the best opportunity to win. Track same-store sales growth and other tailored metrics to evaluate performance.
  2. Sell strategically. Target accounts at the ZIP code, state and national level. Know competitor product pricing and take action in real time. Uncover macro and micro market trends over 1 million SKUs.
  3. Get the advantage. Get the first look at changes and trends in your industry. Track hidden products within the noise of large companies and crowded markets. Map competitive products prior to, during and after your product launch.


What makes MarketPulse different? Our breadth and depth. We have the largest inpatient dataset that drills down to the facility and SKU level for medical device purchasing data.


How can MarketPulse help you? Companies like yours can use MarketPulse to:

Another example of MarketPulse's data for different medical devices, comparing their different prices for a specific city.

  • Build models to predict quarterly results before earnings are announced—both at company and key product/segment levels.
  • Understand changes across an entire product category—through market share or product pricing changes.
  • Track hidden products where no other quantifiable information is available.
  • Spot unseen trends through segmenting company sales by same hospital, new hospital and churned hospital customers.
  • Quantify true market size and opportunity available with actual invoice data—be exact where others only estimate.
  • Create unique analyses with access to the full dataset.


Check out some example use cases:

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MarketPulse example case showing market share and spend by manufacturer in the stroke market Second MarketPulse example case, showing average price and facility market share for a new revascularization device compared to existing ones from other manufacturers

The MarketPulse difference:

Another example of MarketPulse's data, showing how you can drill down to the SKU level.

  • Rely on data from over 3,500 facilities, including more than 2,000 hospitals—40% of all hospitals in the US.
  • Gather facility-level insights mapped to ZIP code and site of care (ie, ambulatory surgery center, hospital, physician office).
  • Identify market trends within the largest spend capture available—$60 billion in annual medical products since 2014.
  • Compare SKU level price and units purchase from actual invoices and purchase orders.