Organizations seeking unparalleled expertise in health care strategy, operations and design need look no further than Dr Hernandez. A clinically active physician and Principal in Sg2’s Consulting practice, Dr Hernandez has supported over 100 hospitals and health systems around the globe to reimagine their models of care, operations, patient experience and built environment. He has guided clients ranging from six-bed rural hospitals to multihospital integrated health networks to state-sponsored behavioral health care systems. 

Dr Hernandez is a firm believer that proper decision making requires knowledge and context, both of which come from looking around, asking questions and challenging orthodoxies. This is one of the reasons why he is all-in on the use of quantitative, qualitative and ethnographic data to create context. 

An award-winning physician and design strategist, Dr Hernandez brings a unique combination of clinical experience and formal education found in no other physician anywhere. He lives his passion for health care every day, always finding new and creative ways to leverage his skills to the benefit of his clients. Dr Hernandez has been recognized both for his own patient-centric care as well as his impact on health care design as a physician and design strategist. His passion and experience help clients achieve results they never thought possible.  

After earning his BA at Temple University, Dr Hernandez received an MD from the University of Pittsburgh and completed his residency in emergency medicine at Temple University Hospital. He has also received an MS in strategic management and design from The New School Parsons and an MBA from the University of California at Irvine.