August 18, 2021

Ambulatory Strategy

Innovation and site of care shifts fuel growth trends

Due to clinical necessity, the pandemic ushered in new care models and site of care shifts that will forever change where care is delivered. It has been proven that outpatient surgical shifts, the adoption of virtual visits, and the decanting of the ED to alternative care sites are possible, as well as effective, and are not expected to return to pre-pandemic levels.

System of CARE


Where is your ambulatory opportunity?


Ambulatory market strategy

Defend & Expand Your Market

Postition your organization to compete against traditional and disruptive competitors in your market. Understand which new markets hold the greatest potential for growth.

Population health icon

Meet Patient Preferences & Demand

Develop the right mix of clincical services and capabilities to meet patient demand now and in the future. Deliver care through consumer-centric delivery models.

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Align Physicians to Ambulatory Vision

Optimize potential physician partners and explore the array of available arrangements. Design alignments that create strategic advantages for your system and its partners.

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Redesign Business Models

Transform hospital-centric business models to win against nimble, ambulatory-first competitors. Develop and grow value-based competencies across the enterprise.


Dive deeper with our on-demand webinar: Strategic Campus Planning

Strategic Campus Planning webinarPresented by: Amit Sharma, Principal, Sg2; Thomas Wallen, Principal, Vizient; and Mark Webb, Principal, Vizient

As the future needs of patients evolve, there is tremendous opportunity for organizations to drive growth and performance improvement by transforming from a traditional facility planning process, with its disparate stages, to a strategic campus planning perspective with the purposeful collaboration of strategy, design and construction.

Learn how your organization can accelerate growth by capturing market opportunities and developing facilities that maximize operational efficiency, while keeping construction on time and on budget, through partnering with Sg2 and Vizient experts who bring a multidisciplinary approach to campus planning.

Note: this webinar was hosted by Sg2 parent company Vizient and was open to Sg2 members and non-members.


Support Across Your Ambulatory Life Cycle

Sg2 is here to support you across your strategy life cycle. With wide-ranging, future-focused expertise powered by industry-leading analytics, partnering with Sg2 will give you the flexibility you need to face your market challenges.


Life cycle of strategy

To learn more about how Sg2 can help your organization with ambulatory strategy, contact us today:

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