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Karl Karlsson, PhD

Vice President

As the lead on the Sg2 Life Sciences team, Karl leverages nearly 20 years of life sciences experience to develop strategies and solutions for biopharma, medical device, distributors, health IT and finance services. On a day-to-day basis, he helps position Sg2 as a strategic advisor in partnerships between leading health systems and life sciences firms. He brings extensive experience from his prior role as Sg2 consulting principal, wherein he worked with leading US and global health care providers affiliated with several of Sg2’s 1,700 client health systems. Karl also spent 5 years working out of Sg2’s international office in London, England, where he supported clients in the National Health Service, South East Asia, Hong Kong, Australia and the Middle East.

Karl earned a PhD from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, where he developed models using stem cell technologies to study HIV drug targets. He received a BSc in biochemistry and pharmacology from King’s College London.

Karl is married with 2 sons and a daughter and lives in Chicago, IL. He enjoys teaching his children Swedish, being an amateur photographer and expressing his scientific curiosity through cooking.