Join Sg2 to Effect Change in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Ten months, one election and many pandemic surges ago, Sg2 stated a company-wide commitment to join hands with you, our members, and together strive for social justice and health equity. Now, as we continue to move forward into a new year, we want to take this opportunity to report on our progress and again ask for your help in identifying—and tackling—the prevalent health disparities that have become even more apparent in our industry.

Sg2 is working internally within our organization and externally in the health care industry to learn, unlearn and be a positive influence. Internally, we are on our own diversity, equity and inclusion journey: seeking feedback from our employees, taking inventory of our current state and charting a course to exemplify our parent company Vizient’s core values to Be Bold, Be Accountable, Be Inclusive and Be Purposeful.

Working with Monica Davy, Vizient’s newly named chief culture, diversity and inclusion officer, Sg2 is putting bold plans in place to support a workforce that better represents the markets in which we work and to become an inclusive career destination for health care change agents from all backgrounds.

Externally, we are holding ourselves accountable by delivering on our promise to invest in health equity improvement by donating our time, expertise and attention. Sg2 honors the legacies of our founder Michael Sachs and our colleague Jay Warden by furthering their missions of changing health care and giving back to local communities. In 2019, Sg2 employees from teams across the organization worked with West Side United to address the disparity in maternal health among Black women on Chicago’s West Side. And recently, we partnered with leaders at Heartland Alliance Health to complete a virtual health strategic plan to broaden Heartland’s impact in its community (more to come on this soon). This purposeful work matters, and we will continue to do our part through annual pro bono projects in our local markets, with our members.

Almost a year ago, we closed our post on the pursuit of health equity with a James Baldwin quote on facing challenges in order to change them. We are standing up and facing our challenges, so now, we close with a reminder that we must turn our words into actions to ensure we don’t miss this opportunity to effect real change in the struggle for health equity and social justice.

I can’t believe what you say, because I see what you do.” —James Baldwin

Our employees, our stakeholders and our local communities have asked us to not only make a difference, but also to be a leader in inclusivity and health equity. And together with you, our members, we can. We welcome your thoughts on your specific journeys, and we will continue to share how our journey is progressing as well.

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