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Appetite Remains Strong for Private Equity Investment in Health Care
Despite headwinds, private equity (PE) continues to make strong inroads into health care. PE investment will remain a significant force for the foreseeable future, which represents both an opportunity and a challenge for health systems. Although some see PE as an unwelcome intrusion that complicates physician alignment and service line growth, forward-thinking health systems are leveraging PE par...
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Health EquityEnterprise Strategy
Inequity, Race, Social Determinants and Health Care: COVID-19 Provides a Call to Action
Editor’s note: Principal Rebecca Segel also contributed to this post. Three cultural influencing trends are colliding in the US: a global pandemic, a recession and a racial inequity awakening. Each of these is drawing more attention to what we already know in health care—that is, factors such as race, socioeconomic status, environmental elements and social structures influence health....
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Payment Evolution
Five Observations From 2024 First Quarter Earnings Calls: Payers and Value-Based Organizations
As part of Sg2’s value-based care (VBC) analysis and market research, we review the quarterly earnings calls from a subset of publicly traded legacy payers and VBC-focused entrants. The summary is designed to highlight emerging trends and dynamics in these closely related industries, especially as they tie to VBC. The following post draws from recently released earnings call transcripts fro...
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Payment Evolution
Benefits of Launching Direct-to-Employer Services to Your Health System Employees
Direct-to-employer healthcare offerings benefit from proof-of-concept, and often your employees can provide an excellent test group. As health systems pursue employer engagement through direct-to-employer healthcare solutions, two of the first questions health systems marketing their services to local employers should expect are: Have you done this with your own employees? and How did it go? Organ...
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Facing the Game Changers: A New Era of Health Care Access
Legacy healthcare, a domain once perceived as an unassailable fortress, now finds itself besieged by unconventional adversaries. Retail powerhouses, tech titans, venture capitalists and insurance providers are collectively reshaping the healthcare terrain. The expansion of these 'game changers,' propelled by mergers and acquisitions (M&As), appears limitless, showing no regard for geographical...
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Care RedesignDigital HealthPost-Acute & Care at Home
Leverage Virtual Capabilities to Elevate Hospital at Home Programs
Hospital at home programs have been gradually increasing in number in recent years, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the shift to home health and virtual care greatly accelerated. Half of families are more likely to choose in-home care for their loved ones now than they were prior to the pandemic, and almost half of physicians use virtual health technologies to treat patients. Now that home is ...
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Health Care Landscape
Sg20 Then and Now: Sg2 Thought Leaders Reflect on Past Projections (Part 2)
Editor’s note: Answers have been edited for clarity. Sg2 was formed in 2001, and, today, our cutting-edge expertise, analytics and tailored consulting offerings help health industry leaders anticipate health care trends and provide them with unparalleled insight into local market dynamics. We are just one of the companies that founder Michael Sachs started—and grew—with his visio...
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Digital HealthStrategic Planning
Sustaining Virtual and Digital Health Beyond the COVID Pandemic Strategic Questions for Health Care
Editor’s note: Heather Ramirez, MS-HSM, Vizient Ventures Director, also contributed to this post, which was originally published on Sg2’s parent company Vizient Inc’s blog. As hospitals grapple with how virtual and digital health will change the health care landscape, it’s hard to ignore its continued influence and disruption since the COVID-19 pandemic began nearly two ye...
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Care RedesignEnterprise StrategyStrategic Planning
The Decline of Emergency Departments: COVID’s Impact on Where Patients Seek Care
Editor’s note: This post was originally published on Sg2’s parent company Vizient Inc’s blog. Most health care services volumes are poised for a rapid recovery from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a shift in where care is delivered that began before the pandemic has only accelerated and is particularly impacting emergency department demand. Even while the Sg2 ...
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Life SciencesMarket StrategyPartnerships
Life Sciences & Industry: Strategic Priorities for CEO Health System Stakeholders
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a myriad of operational and strategic priorities for integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and brought to their attention the importance of an agile, rapid-cycle strategic planning process. In today’s health care climate, it has become clear that partnerships are not only beneficial, they are necessary, and this realization creates a unique window of opportunity fo...