A Strategic Approach to Building a High Reliability Organization

The outpatient shift is changing the high reliability paradigm for health care organizations. What historically has been an acute care and IP focus will need to expand across the enterprise as the locus of care moves away from hospitals and into diffuse ambulatory and home settings.

More sites of care, workforce challenges and higher disease complexity have led to increased risk and more obstacles to becoming highly reliable. To effectively manage the risk, organizations must apply the same framework for safe and reliable care deployed in IP settings and scale it consistently and concurrently for the whole patient experience—at all sites of care.

Although historically acute care and IP focused, the high reliability approach of the future will:

  • Expand beyond acute care to include the entire patient journey.
  • Include service line participation, which will bring a clinical perspective.
  • Be built on a foundation of culture and management systems.

Sg2’s Executive Briefing examines the high reliability organization of the future, which will build upon an enterprise-wide foundation that positions organizations to create a cohesive, culturally aligned care pathway—a System of CARE (Clinical Alignment and Resource Effectiveness)—that safeguards care at and between every step of a patient’s journey.

Access the full briefing on Vizient’s high reliability organization solution page here.

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