In Memoriam: Henry Soch

Henry SochIt is with great sorrow that we share the passing of Sg2 former imaging expert and beloved friend and mentor Henry Soch on November 16, 2023. He was a leader of Sg2’s clinical technology research, analyzing the impact of medical technologies on care delivery and collaborating with organizations to develop operational strategies.

“I am among the many at Sg2 (and in health care in general) who learned a great deal from Henry. He was a leading expert and advisor to our members, and an even better teacher and mentor to those working with him. He will be sorely missed, but also fondly remembered by all who crossed paths with him over the years.”
John Becker, Group SVP, Strategic Growth Solutions, Sg2

Though he retired from Sg2 in 2021, Henry continued to maintain an online presence on social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn and was considered a major authority in the health care digital space. He was a speaker and facilitator on the future of health care, enabling technologies, disruptive innovation and emerging business models domestically and abroad.

Madeleine McDowell, MD, Senior Principal, said “Henry was a mentor and one of the most inspirational thought leaders I have had the fortune of working with. His curiosity and scope of knowledge fostered memorable discussion, continuously pushed the team’s thinking and left a considerable and lasting imprint on Sg2. But I would be remiss if I only mentioned his outstanding work contributions and not his kindhearted nature, humility and generous spirit. I am not alone in saying that it has been a true honor to have had the privilege to know Henry as a colleague and friend. He left an indelible mark on each of us individually, our organization, and those we serve.”

Read Henry’s obituary here.

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