March 24, 2023

Impact of Change® Forecast

Anticipate Growth Opportunities Across the System of CARE

Health care executives responsible for strategy, growth, or system development understand the importance of making informed long-term investments in their System of CARE (Clinical Alignment and Resource Effectiveness). Sg2’s Impact of Change (IoC) forecast is an essential tool for decision-making, providing the industry’s most advanced projection capabilities to accurately forecast national and market demand trends not just for the next year, but for the next decade.

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Prioritization is key to identify growth opportunities in each coming year.

Our team of clinical experts, data scientists, and researchers use sophisticated techniques and robust data sources to identify growth opportunities and enable informed investment decisions that drive organizational success. With the strongest data in the industry and experts who can help anticipate the impact of change, Sg2’s IoC forecast can guide prioritization and strategic investment decisions, positioning your organization for success in today’s turbulent economic times.


Sg2’s 20 Years of Experience Puts the Industry’s Most Powerful and Accurate Forecast in Your Hands


Validation and Assessment

Sg2’s Impact of Change forecast provides the industry’s most accurate, granular, and transparent multifactor demand forecast. We regularly assess accuracy to understand trends, ensuring that end-users receive reliable data for informed investment decisions in their System of CARE. Trust Sg2 for accurate and transparent insights in today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Sg2 2017 Adult inpatient Forecast, Grand Total

Service Line Snapshots

Develop appropriate strategies by understanding future-focused analytics
Cancer: Cancer programs face increasing competition and complexities in their local markets as well as on a national level. Fast-paced evolution of treatments and technologies, heightened revenue pressures, an increasingly savvy consumer base and the ongoing ramifications of COVID-19 are just some of the dynamics currently at play.

Neurosciences: Neurosciences programs face a tough balancing act: maximize growth opportunities driven by the aging population and rapid advances while navigating heightened market pressures, accelerated pace of change and complexity fueled by COVID-19.

Cardiovascular: Rising patient acuity, clinical and technological advances, and care redesign are shaping current utilization for the CV service line, driving steady growth in outpatient services and a reversal in the decade-long historic trend of declining inpatient demand.

Orthopedics: Orthopedics is undergoing a seismic shift. While elective procedural volumes are recovering quickly from COVID-19’s impact, the landscape has been permanently altered across many markets.


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