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Sg2 Perspectives brings together Sg2 experts and health care industry thought leaders to discuss popular Sg2 publications, key event takeaways and other strategic topics keeping health system leadership teams up at night. The podcast is hosted by Trevor DaRin and Kelly Richard, and new episodes will be released every other Wednesday. Contact Trevor and Kelly anytime at

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 January 13, 2020

4: Sg2 Perspectives: Women’s Health

Karyl Kopaskie, PhD, Senior Director, Women’s Health and Pediatrics, Sg2 and Jeremy Miller, MD, Fellow, Sg2

Our Women’s health service line leaders, Karyl and Dr. Miller, discuss and debate how health systems are responding to emerging trends including consumerism, changing preference for wellness visits, as well as modest yet hopeful strides we are making in public health around maternal and infant mortality.  

Read more about these topics on our blog or watch Karyl on YouTube

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 January 13, 2020

3: Sg2 Perspectives: Procedure Sites of the Future

Lisa Slama, PhD, Associate Principal, Intelligence, Sg2 and Amanda Olderog, Senior Director, Orthopedics and Surgery, Sg2

Sg2 experts, Lisa and Amanda, roll up their sleeves and explore the pace and variability of change in sites of care for different procedures across markets. 

You can learn more about this topic by watching Lisa discuss our Impact of Change forecast on YouTube

Sg2 members can

 January 13, 2020

2: Sg2 Perspectives: Innovation

Henry Soch, Principal, Intelligence, Sg2 and Chris Cornue, former Chief Strategy and Chief Innovation Officer, Navicent Health

Chris and Henry share the themes and key takeaways from the Sg2 event “Innovation: Moving From Silos to Scale.” They also put the exciting presentations from the event into the broader context of how health systems are pursuing innovation work.

Read more from Henry about how health systems are tackling innovation here

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 December 16, 2019

1: Sg2 Perspectives: Grill Bill

Bill Woodson, Senior Principal, Intelligence, Sg2

In the first episode of the new Sg2 podcast, Sg2 Perspectives, we jump right in with thought-leader Bill Woodson to pick his brain about a subject we continue to work with members on: the progress and promise of scale. Consolidation among health care providers continues, but the challenging work of true integration and clinical scale remain, in most cases, as aspirational rather than immediate goals.

We tackle the tough questions:

  • How are health systems moving towards the promise of scale?
  • What lessons have been learned thus far?
  • Could there be an impetus to really accelerate change?

Visit Sg2’s blog for more on scale from Bill Woodson.

Sg2 members can read more in our resource kit from the 2019 Executive Summit (login required).