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 August 5, 2020

30: Highlights from Executive Summit 2020: Tomorrow Is Here

Executive Summit is Sg2’s leading annual conference series that provides our members with Sg2 experts’ strategic perspective and expertise across the health care landscape. This year, the COVID-19 public health crisis took center stage, and we not only pivoted to provide our members with a virtual experience, we took on the theme of Tomorrow Is Here: Strategy for the New Clinical Enterprise, covering such topics as the impacts of COVID-19 on care utilization and evolving ambulatory strategy. Now, more than ever, leaders must be intentional in transforming their clinical enterprises—not just to succeed in a new era, but to also stabilize, adapt and evolve in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this week’s episode, Sg2 Executive Summit leader Rebecca Limestall shares this year’s key takeaways and most impactful stories, as well as how strategy teams must adapt their roles to prepare for the next normal. 


Sg2 members can access the Executive Summit 2020 resource kit to review the presentations, associated sessions, and related Sg2 resources.

 July 29, 2020

29: How MUSC Used Virtual Health Before, During, and (Hopefully) After COVID-19

Shawn Valenta, MUSC Administrator for Virtual Health, joins Trevor and Sg2 virtual health expert Chris Pagano to share their long journey to use virtual health as a tool to improve access and convenience for patients.  Their historic work positioned them well to rapidly expand virtual visits and remote patient monitoring as in-person business shut down.  Now they are looking forward and planning big scale initiatives to leverage the rapid adoption of virtual health by patients and providers.


Sg2 Members can read more about accelerating virtual health here


 July 22, 2020

28: The Future of Post-Acute Care…Continuing Care

Skilled nursing facilities have been difficult places to both receive care and work during COVID-19.  These challenges led to changes in payment and policy that accelerated the shift to home as a safer and more effective site of care.  Jayme Zage, PhD, and Katie Elia join Trevor to discuss the trends in post-acute care that were already transforming the industry and how responding to COVID-19 has accelerated many of these trends.


Please participate in our research and share your perspective by completing the 2020 Post-Acute Care Survey.


Sg2 members can read more from Jayme and Katie here:

Expert Insight: COVID-19 Action Steps: Optimizing Post-Acute Care Assets

System of CARE Guide: Linking Home Health to Systems of CARE

Report: Post-Acute Care: Planning Ahead of the Continuing Care Curve

Sg2’s Post-Acute Care Resource Kit


 July 15, 2020

27: COVID-19 Will Drive the Loss of Commercial Insurance

Health systems across the US are striving to understand the potential future scenarios for unemployment and associated shifts in payer mix caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, Sg2 Principal Mark Larson and Director Tori Richie join you’re a favorite hosts and experts Trevor and Kelly to share key findings from their payer mix research, and how these insights can help inform health system strategic planning.


Sg2 members can learn more about the new model here:

Sg2 COVID-19 Payer Mix Scenario Model


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 July 8, 2020

26: Grill Bill (and Joan): Strategically Navigating COVID-19

This week on Sg2 Perspectives, we continue with the second installment in our Grill Bill series, with a bonus guest. We discuss the latest on how health systems are navigating COVID-19 with Joan Moss, Managing Principal of Intelligence and CNO, and Bill Woodson, Sr. Principal and senior-most thought leader.


Contact us any time at 


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 July 1, 2020

25: Ochsner Health Shares Its Direct-to-Employer Strategy During Reopening

As the Louisiana market reopened amidst COVID-19, Ochsner Health quickly pivoted to address the needs of the employers in its market. In this week’s episode, Donny Lawrence, the health system’s VP of Business Development, joins us to discuss Ochsner’s historic perspective on the value of direct-to-employer, along with what new employer needs it is meeting today and its view on future opportunities.

Sg2 members can view other member examples of employer contracting in these case studies:• Inspira Health Network: Add-on Services Generate Downstream BusinessThe Christ Hospital: COE Success Ushers in Bundle Business


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 June 24, 2020

23: The Future Looks Bright for Medicare Advantage

Growing Medicare costs had already set the stage for Medicare Advantage (MA) growth long before the COVID-19-induced economic downturn. Now, the pandemic is likely to further accelerate that growth trajectory. In this week’s episode, Sg2’s Senior Advisor on health policy, Valinda Rutledge, and our resident MA expert, Trevor DaRin, discuss the market conditions and model dynamics that support a bright future for Medicare Advantage.

 June 17, 2020

22: Forecasting Future Healthcare Demand (What Sg2 Does Best)

Each year Sg2 builds our proprietary 10-year Impact of Change® forecast to project health care demand at the disease and procedure level, which can also be hyperlocalized to the zip code level. We recently released our 2020 forecast, and this week, our 2 senior-most thought leaders behind it—Dr. Madeleine McDowell and Lisa Slama—join us to discuss the trends driving the forecast in the near- and long-term.

Sg2 members can watch the 2020 Impact of Change Forecast webinar on demand for more details about the forecast.

Nonmembers can learn more about our Impact of Change demand forecasts here.

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 June 10, 2020

21: COVID-19: The Tipping Point for Health Systems and SDOH

COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted people of color and communities of lower socioeconomic status. The role of the health system in public health is no longer optional. Sg2’s Karyl Kopaskie, Becca Segel, and Kelly Richard discuss how health systems can address the social determinants of health in the context of the pandemic, the lessons learned, and the importance of community health improvement components in long-term strategy.

 June 3, 2020

20: Service Line Stories From Reactivation: Patient Impact and Site of Care Shifts

During the COVID-19 surge, many patients deferred seeking care either because services were no longer available, or out of fear of contracting the coronavirus themselves. In this week’s episode, our cardiovascular, medicine and surgery, and orthopedics service line experts explore the various near- and long-term impacts that have resulted from these deferrals. They also discuss site of care shifts, including the shifts to virtual health, which are expected to continue.

Service Line Teams:

Cardiovascular – Chad Giese and Josh Aaker
Medicine and Surgery – Justin Cassidy and Catherine Vanacore
Orthopedics – Ryota Terada

Sg2 members can read more here about service line pivots and lasting impact