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 June 3, 2020

21: Service Line Stories From Reactivation: Patient Impact and Site of Care Shifts

During the COVID-19 surge, many patients deferred seeking care either because services were no longer available, or out of fear of contracting the coronavirus themselves. In this week’s episode, our cardiovascular, medicine and surgery, and orthopedics service line experts explore the various near- and long-term impacts that have resulted from these deferrals. They also discuss site of care shifts, including the shifts to virtual health, which are expected to continue.

Service Line Teams

Cardiovascular – Chad Giese and Josh Aaker

Medicine and Surgery – Justin Cassidy and Catherine Vanacore

Orthopedics – Ryota Terada


Sg2 members can read more here about service line pivots and lasting impact

 May 27, 2020

19: Virtual Health and the Role of Health Systems in Digital Public Health Monitoring

COVID-19 has forced a rapid shift to virtual health.  Now, health systems—and their virtual health teams—are thinking about the role they should play in antibody testing and digital public health monitoring as well. In this week’s episode, Sg2’s Chris Pagano and Tony Guth not only discuss what has already happened in virtual health and what we anticipate for the future, but also what other countries have done in terms of testing and monitoring and what lessons we can learn as we determine the best role to play.

Sg2 members can read more about virtual health in this recent article and the Virtual Health Newsletter

 May 20, 2020

18: Health Care Consumerism During a Pandemic

The health care industry has lagged behind others in viewing patients as consumers even prior to the pandemic and, as systems resume elective services, stakes are higher than ever.  In this week’s episode, Sg2’s Mark Larson and Vizient’s Dr. Tom Villanueva discuss health system approaches to meeting patient needs for safety,  cost and convenience in the wake of COVID-19.



Tom hosted Mark on his podcast, Modern Practice Podcast, where they examined the role of the patient voice in the reopening of elective procedures. The episode, The Role of Patient and Family Councils (PFACs) in Resuming Elective Procedures, is linked here.


For Sg2 Members: Please see related materials, linked below.

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Sg2 Report: Consumerism: Service Lines Brace for Impact

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 May 13, 2020

16: How COVID-19 Is Reshaping the Physician Landscape: Part 1

COVID-19 has introduced significant financial challenges to physician practices and the way they operate. In this first of 2 episodes on how the pandemic is reshaping the physician landscape, Sg2’s Dr David DiLoreto and Mike Strilesky discuss those challenges, along with the opportunities health systems have to innovate their care delivery.


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 May 13, 2020

17: How COVID-19 Is Reshaping the Physician Landscape: Part 2

In the second episode on how the current physician landscape is being reshaped by COVID-19, Sg2’s Dr David DiLoreto and Mike Strilesky explore COVID-19’s impact on physician practice ownership and physician alignment, as well as how business models are evolving during this unprecedented time.


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 May 6, 2020

15: The Service Lines Never Stopped for COVID-19

Health systems are in a delicate balancing act, treating COVID-19 patients while still providing essential services. In this episode, Sg2’s cancer, neuroscience and women’s health experts discuss how systems can maintain this balance, how new treatment sites and services are disrupting established care patterns, and the overarching impact on patients in the near- and long-term.

Service line teams:
Cancer – Cory Jones and Kiran Yemul
Neurosciences – Kate Zentner and Gurmeet Bawa
Women’s Health – Karyl Kopaskie and Rhae Gamber
Other Sg2 Resources:
Service Lines Pivot for the Crisis, Now Contend with Lasting Impact
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 April 22, 2020

13: COVID-19 Stories from the Field

Sg2’s Bill Woodson and Jennifer O’Connor discuss how health systems are planning for reactivation, along with other near-term challenges.

 April 15, 2020

12: Emerging Technology During the COVID Surge and Preparing for What Comes Next

Henry Soch and Chris Pagano share a few key areas they predicted could be disruptive technology to watch earlier in the year, and explore how their adoption is being accelerated in the fight against COVID-19.

More about the Sg2 perspective on COVID-19:

Sg2 Members can view the Disrupters to Watch webinar from January:

Contact us any time at

 April 8, 2020

11: What will be the financial impact of COVID-19 for health systems?

Former Sg2 CEO, Steve Lefar, and Sg2 Senior Principal Bill Woodson discuss the near-term and longer-term financial impacts that COVID-19 is having on hospitals and health systems. They talk about the challenging work that strategy, finance, and operations leaders are undertaking now to plan and prepare for what comes next, as well as considerations for payer and provider relations.

For Sg2 Edge Members: Sg2 COVID-19 Surge Demand Calculator:

For Vizient Members:

Everyone can access the calculator, along with methodology and other resources, at