214: Unpacking Post-Acute Care in Today’s Health Care Landscape

This week on Sg2 Perspectives, host Jayme Zage, PhD, digs into post-acute care services with Sg2 Consultant Gurleen Sahota and Senior Consultants Nikita Arora and Rachael Zirkelbach, who share some insights from our recent post-acute care member survey. Gurleen, Nikita and Rachael discuss workforce and capacity challenges, telehealth utilization and policies, what to expect from the 2024 Impact of Change® forecast for post-acute care, and much more!

“Hi Sg2 listeners! We are trying something fun, and maybe a little bit dangerous. On May 22nd, we’re hosting a live podcast where you can join us for the recording of an episode. Our relationship right now is a little one sided, and we want to meet you. So, we’ll put you in my chair, You can ask us questions, share your insights, or just heckle us. Look for more information soon to register so you can get a link to attend. Hope to see you there!”

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