Sg2 Consulting 

Advance your organization’s growth and integrate care across the continuum with analytics-driven insight into local market trends, market position, growth opportunities and strategic priorities. Sg2 Consulting weaves together 3 essential elements to ensure measurable change: system-wide analytical work, future-focused expertise and expert-led facilitation.

Successful strategic planning requires a balanced and comprehensive perspective. Sg2 Consulting’s strategic planning approach combines health system leadership experience, clinical expertise and proprietary analytics (eg, Impact of Change, Patient Flow) to assist clients with their most complex strategic questions, with an outcome of actionable recommendations to help organizations achieve their strategic goals.

Enterprise Planning: Develop clear and focused enterprise strategies that serve broad community needs through diverse delivery channels by creating a patient-centered System of CARE.

  • Environmental Scenario Planning: Overcome uncertainty about the future of health care at the national, regional and local level by evaluating and planning for a broad range of possible future states.
  • Ambulatory Strategy: Make informed, data-driven decisions about when, where and how to configure ambulatory services to meet the unique needs and challenges of your populations.

Service Rationalization: Develop the right complement of services at the right mix of access points to meet the local market clinical and wellness needs to build economies of scale and optimize efficiency.

Service Line Planning: Develop specific service-line strategies to close System of CARE gaps for growth and performance improvement. Sg2 has deep expertise in key service lines including cancer, cardiovascular, medicine, neurosciences, orthopedics/spine, pediatrics, surgery, and women’s health and pediatrics.

System of CARE Redesign: Weave together the full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient services to provide seamless care at the right location, with the right resources, at the right time. Key focus areas include:

  • Virtual Health: Leverage Sg2’s virtual health planning and prioritization framework to understand which types of virtual health programs will work best for your organization and which service lines to focus virtual programming.
  • Behavioral Health: Develop clear and actionable behavioral health strategies to improve outcomes, increase access and reduce utilization of high-cost, high-acuity services.
  • Post-Acute Care: Drive advances in coordination and quality through new care models, technology, partnerships and organizational structures.

Facility Planning: Understand current utilization and future changes in care delivery to better understand facility needs across your System of CARE and plan appropriately to align with your strategic imperatives.

Value-based care is here to stay, yet many challenges remain on the path to achieving success. Sg2 Consulting provides data and expertise to help organizations determine the right timing and degree of risk to assume. From strategic planning and readiness assessments to strategic positioning and prioritization and financial analyses, we help leaders develop a comprehensive and financially sound road map for accountable care.

Risk Strategy and Value-Based Care Road Map: Evaluate your preparedness to succeed in a value-based environment and to strategically take on additional clinical and financial risk.

Bundled Payment Strategy and Implementation: Evaluate coordination and collaboration for specific episodes of care across the care continuum (hospital services, professional services, post-discharge services, etc) to pursue specific bundled payment initiatives. Create effective alignment with physicians for optimal care coordination. Analyze claims data to understand specific opportunities to reduce spend and improve quality metric performance.

MACRA/MIPS: Position your medical group for optimal performance under the new physician payment reform legislation and evaluate eligibility for aAPM participation.

Physician alignment has never been more critical than it is today. Sg2 Consulting has extensive experience in physician alignment, spanning arrangements such as comanagement, gainsharing, employment and more. Our experts create and facilitate the execution of physician alignment arrangements comprising key compensation, quality metrics, governance, noncompete provisions and physician participation criteria to ensure successful implementation and achievement of strategic organizational goals.

Physician Compensation: Assist in determining and implementing appropriate compensation models (structure and value) for employed physicians and physician/hospital arrangements.

Physician Alignment Models: Understand which contracting arrangements are best suited for your organization and community physicians. Areas of expertise include:

  • Employment: Integration of physicians into health system. Employment models address compensation, governance, services and allegiance.
  • Professional Services: Services agreement between hospital and physicians that aligns the entire practice operations to a health system.
  • Comanagement: Services agreement that engages physicians to provide certain services for the betterment of a service line.
  • Gainsharing: Focused program on high cost, high utilization, physician preference items (eg, implants, devices, supplies). Physicians financially rewarded for effort to help hospitals reduce costs.
  • Joint Ventures: Equity partnerships between hospitals and physicians in certain services.

Physician Needs Analysis and Medical Staff Development: Understand physician supply and demand in your market for the short- and long-term.

Leading life sciences companies work with Sg2 Consulting to reinvent their approach and engagement with hospitals and health systems and to stay relevant in the ever-evolving, complex health care ecosystem. The Life Sciences Consulting team brings industry expertise, real-world health system intelligence and voice of the customer to market access strategy planning across the product life cycle, from discovery to development to marketed product support. We enable a deep understanding of the complex global ecosystem through advanced health care analytics in today’s asymmetric care delivery environment, empowering life sciences companies to become more strategic and value-focused partners. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Market access strategic assessments by indication and therapeutic area.
  • Patient journey assessments driven by data analytics and quantitative research.
  • Segmentation and archetyping.
  • Value-based solution strategies.
  • Future demand forecasting.