February 15, 2022

Physician Strategy

Securing a physician strategy that enables market-level plan execution is the most important competitive advantage for any health care organization. Whether your health system’s goal is achieving growth or integration, improving care quality, or enhancing care efficiency, successful execution hinges on the physicians that will drive change across the enterprise.

Sg2 leverages our Impact of Change® Forecast to project expected changes in volumes that will require physicians to embrace new care models and strategies for growth, and then provides support around partnering with physicians, developing advantageous alignment models and optimizing employed medical groups. Our perspective on utilization changes and site of care shifts enables our Physician Strategy consultants to proactively address solutions and develop successful physician strategies for your organization.

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Medical group transformation
  • Alignment model strategies
  • Care model development
  • Governance and physician leadership
  • Growth plan optimization
  • Data driven perspectives to address modifications to:
    • Employed, independent and hospital-contracted physicians
    • Physician and advanced practitioner compensation



The Sg2 Difference

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Future-focused lens on volume and growth opportunities

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Strategic priorities established through market insights and industry benchmarks

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Decades of experience with medical group optimization and physician alignment strategies

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Sg2 EDGE Membership integration continues beyond the partnership


Our Recent Work


AMC Community Medical Group Strategy and Alignment

Academic medical centers (AMCs) have strategically expanded their footprint to include community hospitals, thereby growing their base of community physicians. Recognizing the need to align with independent physicians to achieve growth, our Physician Strategy consulting team developed a new strategy, structure and compensation employment model—while leading alignment activity with the independent physician groups in the market—to accommodate community physicians looking to align with the academic health system. Our efforts enabled the client to accelerate growth of the community model, align critically important independent physicians and establish a foundation for collaboration with the academic physician leaders.


Medical Group Transformation

Sg2 was engaged to address the next phase of evolution for a large community hospital medical group experiencing substantial financial losses and lacking integration across its practices. The Physician Strategy consulting team developed specific market growth strategies by specialty that informed future-state volume targets, recruitment needs and care model changes. By understanding priority growth opportunities and performance metrics—combined with compensation model modifications—the client was empowered to implement changes to improve financial performance. The addition of organizational structure and leadership changes completed the transformation plan.


Low-Acuity (Primary Care) Model Development

Sg2 was asked to evaluate a primary care model, including urgent care and virtual capabilities, and recommend modifications to the client’s approach that would direct care to the appropriate site and provider. The Physician Strategy team leveraged Sg2’s extensive research on consumerism and low-acuity care models, along with our Impact of Change® Market Demand Forecast, to define site of service volume opportunities and determine the appropriate site of service mix, expansion needs and clinical workforce model. The project drove a 25% reduction in the number of on-site primary care provider visits with a physician while growing virtual and advanced practitioner–led visits. This enabled the client to reduce primary care recruitment needs to address pending retirements and expand access across the market with team-based care models and virtual offerings.


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