Life Sciences & Industry

Health systems across the country are looking for ways to transform the delivery of health care—while facing unprecedented challenges. By helping these providers meet tomorrow’s issues, you can ensure your own success today.

Sg2 can provide life sciences and industry companies like yours the unfiltered “voice of the customer” insights they need to successfully focus product development, commercialization and sales efforts to align with current and future needs of hospitals and health systems.

Sg2 Focus

Sg2 leverages pioneering disease-based demand forecasting with expansive utilization data to provide organizations a comprehensive view into market opportunities by disease, site of care and geography.

Sg2 powers your segmentation efforts by combining our integrated delivery network segmentation methodology with Sg2’s Accountability Readiness model to provide actionable knowledge of health care providers and markets around the country.

Sg2’s deep knowledge of the country’s health systems can help you develop winning value propositions for your targeted segments. We then work with you to develop your go-to-market plans and identify the most effective launch activities needed to win in the marketplace.

Sg2 education, either through an EDGE Membership or facilitated training, provides the ongoing support your market development and sales force need in order to understand and thrive in the constantly changing health care environment. Sg2 is the market leader in forecasting the future trends that will shape health care.

Sg2 Services

TrendEDGE membership

Our TrendEDGE membership offers unfiltered voice of the customer research and a suite of resources to help your team understand evolving customer issues.

  • Learn how trends like population health, mergers and acquisitions, and new payment models are impacting health systems around the country
  • Understand how forecasts and trends—at the sites of care, service lines, diseases and procedures levels—will affect your customers’ investment decisions
  • Read case studies highlighting your customers’ work and listen as they share their experiences firsthand during weekly webinars
  • Receive e-newsletters highlighting top-of-mind issues for health system c-suite leaders
  • Interact directly with customers during in-person Sg2 conferences


Our Consulting practice consists of veteran health care industry experts ready to provide a unique mix of custom solutions to help you address key business issues, drive measurable results and achieve lasting value.

  • Identify market opportunities for your products using industry-leading, disease-based forecasting
  • Segment your customers using our proprietary integrated delivery network segmentation and Accountability Readiness methodologies
  • Develop effective segment-specific value propositions leveraging Sg2’s understanding of the needs of the country’s health systems


MarketPulse empowers data-driven decisions by unlocking nationwide and hyperlocal insights for manufacturers, so you can craft winning sales and marketing strategies. We have the largest inpatient dataset that drills down to the facility and SKU level for medical device purchasing data. Truth in the medical device market can only be found with precise data—what will our data reveal to you?

Sg2 Resources

Select Life Sciences Experts

Our Life Sciences & Industry experts develop custom solutions, provide facilitation and education, and work closely with our members to support cutting-edge market sizing and commercialization strategy development.