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A Changing NICU Landscape

Demand for neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) services continues to rise as rates of preterm births, low-birthweight infants and cesarean section deliveries grow.

Womens and Pediatrics Service Lines Publication Download  

Building the Academic Health System: Successfully Integrating Academic and Community Providers

How do academic medical centers establish and maintain the right level of collaboration and cooperation with community physicians? Sg2’s Eric Louie, MD, MBA, and Michael Humphrey explore the expanding relationship between AMCs and community providers.

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Building the Accountable Enterprise Through Care Redesign

The health care industry remains plagued by skyrocketing costs and poor quality rooted in inefficiencies across the care continuum. This publication details four categories of care redesign and examples of potential initiatives for each.

Care Redesign Planning Tools Publication Download  

Cancer Care Coordination With Nurse Navigators

As cancer transitions to a disease that is more chronic than acute, emerging trends in cancer care are creating an increasingly complex care delivery landscape.

Nursing Service Lines Publication Download  

Cancer Service Line Snapshot

Demand for cancer services is growing, driven by an aging population and continued advances that expand diagnostic and therapeutic options. This growth will be especially pronounced in the outpatient setting. As demand grows, however, so does competition for cancer services.

Cancer Service Lines Publication Download  

Cardiovascular Service Line Snapshot

Early identifi cation and management of patients with complex CV conditions (eg, CHF) through system-wide initiatives will improve outcomes and reduce exposure to penalties from inappropriate readmissions.

Cardiovascular Service Lines Publication Download  

Exploring the Sleep Medicine Landscape

As a result of health care reform legislation, changes in regulatory and credentialing requirements, and an evolving payment and reimbursement scheme, sleep medicine will continue to be a dynamic medical specialty.

Sleep Medicine Planning Tools Publication Download  

General Medicine-General Surgery Service Line Snapshot

A progressive approach to general medicine will be essential to transition from a hospital-based product to one that focuses on the total cost of care.

General Medicine Service Lines Publication Download  

Growing Market Share in the Middle Game

Health care’s incumbent volume- and procedure-based payment model is shifting to one that rewards value.

Health care Analytics Planning Tools Publication Download  

Health Insurance Exchanges: New Marketplaces, New Opportunities

In an era of little inpatient volume growth and weakening payer mix, the health insurance exchanges created under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) will offer some organizations a significant new opportunity for growth and payer mix improvement.

Health Insurance Exchanges Reform Publication Download  

Health Insurance Exchanges: Will You Win or Lose on Volumes

During the annual rite of producing the financial forecast, CFOs are being asked to size and describe the impact of health insurance exchanges (HIX) on utilization, payer mix and net revenues in their local markets starting in 2014.

Health Insurance Exchanges Reform Post Download  

Health System Consolidation

The pace of mergers and acquisitions has become so rapid that some health care leaders are predicting the demise of the independent hospital. This report is designed to help executives navigate the turbulent currents of rapid market consolidation.

M&A Planning Tools Publication Download  

How to Develop a Women’s Health Program

In many markets, an increased focus on women’s health offers a means to gain market share, strengthen patient loyalty and increase revenue.

Womens and Pediatrics Service Lines Publication Download  

Innovations Review: Palliative Care Programs

Palliative care programs offer comprehensive care focused on the relief of pain and other symptoms related toserious illness.

Palliative Care Service Lines Publication Download  

Neurosciences Service Line Snapshot

Led by neurosurgery and neurodiagnostic offerings, neurosciences promises ongoing growth and strong margins across the care continuum.

Neurosciences Service Lines Publication Download  

No Margin for Error

Classic measures are not sufficient to meet the complex challenges of tomorrow’s health care marketplace. This report is designed to help health care executives prepare a wide-ranging, 2- to 3-year margin management plan to achieve financial health.

Finance Planning Tools Publication Download  

Optimizing CV Physician-Hospital Collaboration to Improve Performance

Cost containment initiatives, declining reimbursement and the imperative to achieve quality outcomes provide significant challenges for leaders of cardiovascular (CV) service lines.

Cardiovascular Service Lines Publication Download  

Orthopedics Service Line Snapshot

Orthopedics represents a rare opportunity for organic growth in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. However, the predominantly elective nature of orthopedic procedures allows patients to shop around for providers.

Orthopedics Service Lines Publication Download  

Population Health Management: Organizational Self-Assessment

This self-assessment is designed to provide a preliminary indication of an organization’s readiness to conduct population health management (PHM). The primary goals of this tool are to spark dialogue, encourage debate and uncover potential blind spots. It is not meant to suggest whether an organization should (or should not) build a PHM program.

Population Health Reform Info Sheet Download  

Service Line Portfolio Management

Financial constraints, changes in utilization and shifting public expectations are challenging conventional wisdom about resource allocation. This interactive workbook guides hospital leadership through a framework required to understand and evaluate their service line portfolio.

Service Line Planning Service Lines Publication Download  

Sg2 Special Report: Accountable Care Organizations

In the first months since the passage of health care reform legislation in March 2010, no topic has garnered more collective consideration and hand wringing than the accountable care organization (ACO).

ACOs Reform White Paper Download  

Smart Growth Planning Workbook: Getting Started

Hospitals will not remain successful by just enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs. This workbook outlines the first steps in identifying and executing on smart growth opportunities, even in the face of uncertainty.

Growth Strategies Planning Tools Publication Download  

Strategic Countdown: Elevating Care Coordination

Policy makers, payers and patients are increasingly recognizing care coordination’s potential to reduce spending, improve outcomes and enhance patient engagement. This article suggests five strategies to more effectively coordinate patient care across settings and over time.

Care Coordination Planning Tools Post Download  

Strategic Countdown: Overhauling your Org Structure

The new health care marketplace requires innovative organizational design and updates to the service line model. This article provides eight strategies to help hospitals achieve their strategic goals and foster the leadership talent to steer them there.

Growth Strategies Planning Tools Post Download  

Upper Gastrointestinal Diseases: Sg2 Growth Guide

Upper GI services offer many opportunities for provider systems, ranging from primary care management of epigastric pain to innovative endoscopic diagnostics and therapeutics.

Gastrointestinal Diseases Planning Tools Publication Download  

Using Sg2 Analytics to Bolster Your Baldrige Journey

Health care’s rapid adoption of the Baldrige Health Care Criteria is a key indicator of the relevance and effectiveness of the Baldrige approach and the health care industry’s evolution and maturity.

Heathcare Analytics Planning Tools Publication Download  

Women’s Health and Pediatrics Service Line Snapshots

In women’s health,the landscape is rapidly moving to a value-driven environment with a need for integration across the System of CARE (Clinical Alignment and Resource Effectiveness)

Womens and Pediatrics Service Lines Publication Download  
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