Sg2 Solutions

For over a decade, Sg2 has provided new modes of thinking that empower hospitals and health systems to not only survive the challenges of an ever-changing industry, but to capitalize on them. Today you must respond more nimbly than ever before, with a clear understanding of the deepening connection between your growth and performance goals and the right information to pursue those goals.

With this in mind, we’ve developed a portfolio of products that combine analytics and intelligence to address the unique needs of organizations ranging from small community hospitals to large integrated delivery networks.

Sg2 TrendEdge

Sg2 TrendEdge helps you anticipate the national trends impacting your organization’s ability to grow and compete effectively. TrendEdge integrates Sg2 Intelligence with a suite of national analytics tools that enable you to transform a massive amount of data into actionable information for identifying opportunities and developing effective strategies.

Sg2 MarketEdge

Sg2 MarketEdge combines Sg2 Analytics and Intelligence to provide a comprehensive view of your market, competitive position and growth opportunities to guide strategic planning efforts. The analytics applications included with Sg2 MarketEdge integrate a wide variety of data sources (eg, Medicare, Nielsen, state data, national data sets) with Sg2’s proprietary methodologies and expert analyses.

Sg2 TotalEdge

Along with Sg2 Intelligence, Sg2 TotalEdge features a suite of cutting-edge analytics that combines Sg2’s national- and market-based applications with your organization’s strategic, clinical and financial data onto one platform. This allows your entire team to uncover growth opportunities, highlight performance strengths and weaknesses, and make tough decisions with confidence.

"Analytics and expertise to help you understand market dynamics and capitalize opportunities for growth."

As of February 11, 2016, Vizient, Inc. has completed its purchase of MedAssets Sg2 and spend and clinical resource management segments from Pamplona Capital Management, LLC. MedAssets revenue cycle business will continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pamplona Capital Management LLP.

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