8: Sg2 Perspectives: Virtual Health trends

Chris Pagano discusses, debates and defends the role virtual health is playing.  He tackles tough questions like: why isn’t utilization matching consumer stated preference?  How are health systems making the economics work?  And, is there a future milestone or tipping point we need to reach for this to really take off?

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Show Notes:
[01:29] Why aren’t more consumers using virtual health care?
[03:15] Vendors need to design software in a more user-friendly fashion.
[05:38] Benefits of virtual health care.
[07:37] Virtual healthcare is a good option for patient preventative care.
[09:27] How healthcare systems can align their healthcare strategy with virtual healthcare.
[12:03] Elements to make the financials work at the physician’s level.
[14:36] Tipping Point #1: How you can bend the cost curve down and provide convenient access to healthcare.
[17:17] Chronic care patient populations readmission rates can drop to zero with day-to-day monitoring with proactive care.
[20:48] Tools and training needed for physicians to make the switch to virtual healthcare.
[23:45] Virtual health transforming how we deliver care to patients.

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