Sg2 Analytics

The right analytics help turn information into knowledge essential for making the right strategic decisions and tracking their impact over time. Your strategic, clinical and financial data, combined with an expert-based forecast and key benchmarks, will help you uncover growth opportunities and improve performance. The applications within Sg2 Analytics integrate a wide variety of data sources (eg, Medicare, Nielsen, state data, national data sets, your hospital data) with Sg2’s proprietary methodologies and expert analyses to create a comprehensive view of your organization and market.

A Single Strategic Analytics Platform for All of Your Teams

Sg2 seamlessly integrates your strategic and clinical data into one platform that includes disease-based forecasting, market share, market and service line growth, demographics, and consumer segmentation.

Deep Visibility Into Your Market—Past, Present And Future

Sg2 offers unique insight into service lines and specialties, inpatient and outpatient physician volumes, all sites of care and specific locations—a clear view of what’s happening today and an informed window into tomorrow.

Transparency and Reliability

Sg2’s data sources are known and transparent, our data are current, our methodologies are straightforward, and the ability to localize analyses is built in, giving you total confidence that your key decisions are fundamentally sound.

Fast and Easy to Use

With Sg2 Analytics, everyone on your team—from the c-suite to service line leaders to planning analysts—can explore market-specific opportunities for growth in a matter of seconds, with access to everything from the highest level dashboards to the deepest on-the-fly data analyses.

Unparalleled Expertise and Intelligence

All Sg2 clients are supported by an experienced service team, and analytics users with advanced access are assigned a dedicated Sg2 strategic analytics expert to ensure that you’re maximizing all of the platform’s capabilities. This highly skilled individual becomes an extension of your team, interpreting data, uncovering trends, and incorporating relevant Sg2 Intelligence and expertise.

Sg2 TotalEdge, Sg2 MarketEdge and Sg2 TrendEdge include access to select Sg2 Analytics applications.

The Impact of Change

Since 2002, organizations have relied on Sg2’s Impact of Change demand forecast to accurately anticipate future opportunities and risks, allowing them to understand future demand in their market years ahead of their competitors. Sg2’s forecasting methodology focuses on the complexity of the transformation happening in today’s health systems. A model that systematically incorporates the impact of key developments ensures that you don’t miss the big shifts—the trends that will create new turns in the demand for future services.

The forecast is available at the national, market and organization levels based on your organization’s needs and budget. View the Impact of Change model.

Sg2 Ambulatory Market Strategist

Analysis of your actual inpatient market has anchored your strategic planning process for years, but until now you’ve lacked an accurate view of your ambulatory market. Sg2 Ambulatory Market Strategist (AMS) changes all of that. Sg2 AMS is a groundbreaking online application that gives you access to actual volume and market positioning data across all ambulatory sites of care, for all service lines, diseases and procedures, with named competitor and physician detail. The result is an unprecedented level of confidence in your most important strategic decisions.

"Analytics and expertise to help you understand market dynamics and capitalize opportunities for growth."

As of February 11, 2016, Vizient, Inc. has completed its purchase of MedAssets Sg2 and spend and clinical resource management segments from Pamplona Capital Management, LLC. MedAssets revenue cycle business will continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pamplona Capital Management LLP.

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