Sg2 Consulting

Advance your organization’s growth and integrate care across the continuum with analytics-driven insight into local market trends, market position, growth opportunities and strategic priorities. Sg2 Consulting weaves together three essential elements to ensure measurable change: system-wide analytical work, future-focused expertise and expert-led facilitation.

Core Offerings

Enterprise Strategic Planning and Regional Resource Rationalization
Develop clear and focused enterprise strategies that serve broad community needs through diverse delivery channels by creating a patient-centered System of CARE.
> Download the Sg2 report “Transformative Enterprise Strategy: Reinvigorating the Planning Process” (PDF).

Environmental Scenario Planning
Overcome uncertainty about the future of health care by evaluating and planning for a broad range of possible future states
> Read the Sg2 blog post “Build Organizational Confidence With ESP”

Ambulatory Strategy
Make informed, data-driven decisions about when, where and how to configure ambulatory services to meet the unique needs and challenges of your populations.
> Read the Sg2 Strategic Countdown “Recognizing the New Reality in Ambulatory Strategy”

Recalibrate your offerings to meet consumers on their own terms across the continuum of patient types and service sites.

Outpatient Total Joint Replacement Strategy
Assess current outpatient joint replacement activity, localized growth projections and market nuances to ensure your organization maintains relevance in orthopedics.
> Read Sg2’s perspective: “Outpatient Joint Replacement: An Unnecessary Concern or Market Reality?”

System of CARE Redesign
Weave together the full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient services to provide seamless care at the right location, with the right resources, at the right time. Key focus areas include:

Virtual Health Strategy
Determine which programs to adopt and for which patients, both in the near-term and over the next few years.
> Read the Sg2 blog post “On the Road to Virtual Health”

Behavioral Health Strategy
Set appropriate strategic goals to improve outcomes and reduce utilization of high-cost, high-acuity services.
> Read the Sg2 blog post “Assessing the Gaps in Your Behavioral Health Strategy”

Post-Acute Care Strategy
Drive advances in coordination and quality through new care models, technology, partnerships and organizational structures.
> View Sg2’s Post-Acute Care infographic

Facility Planning
Address future needs and change in care delivery and align with their strategic imperatives across the System of CARE.

Service Line Planning
Develop right complement of services at the right mix of access points to meet the local market clinical and wellness needs and gain a competitive advantage.
> Download the Sg2 report “Service Line Distribution: Enhancing Focus, Integration and Reach” (PDF).

Risk Strategy
Sg2 helps health systems evaluate their preparedness to succeed in a value-based environment and to strategically take on additional clinical and financial risk.



"Analytics and expertise to help you understand market dynamics and capitalize opportunities for growth."

As of February 11, 2016, Vizient, Inc. has completed its purchase of MedAssets Sg2 and spend and clinical resource management segments from Pamplona Capital Management, LLC. MedAssets revenue cycle business will continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pamplona Capital Management LLP.

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